Member of the Board of the AntAC Anastasia Krasnosilska leaves the organization for the participation in the parliamentary elections

Anastasia Krasnosilska, Member of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, who also led the advocacy work of the organization, entered the electoral list of the political party and plans to participate in the preliminary parliamentary elections.

On May 31, 2019, Anastasia left the Board of the AntAC, and in early June she ceased her cooperation with the organization as head of advocacy.

In February this year, Oleksandra Ustinova also left the Board.

Recently, it became known that Oleksandra joined one of the parties and will take part in the elections.

The AntAC hopes to continue effective cooperation with both experts in advancing the anti-corruption agenda in the Parliament.

We wish former colleagues success in the new realm and new extraordinary achievements!

The Anti-corruption Action Centre is equidistant from all political players. We do not engage in agitation and do not promote any political force or individual politicians.

The organization conducts discussions with government officials who have received their positions in a legitimate way as well as with other political actors solely for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization.


Anastasia Krasnosilska, a lawyer, joined the Anti-corruption Action Centre in early 2016.

During this time, in close cooperation with Ukrainian and international experts, she made a significant contribution to the establishment of an anti-corruption court, including development and adoption of the law as well as control of the process of judges selection.

At the same time, Anastasiya’s team was engaged in constant monitoring and analysis of draft laws and court decisions in order to prevent attacks on the independence of anti-corruption institutions.

The Anti-corruption Action Centre is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that is fighting grand political corruption. The mission of the AntAC is to establish the inevitability of punishment for corruption crimes committed by high-ranking officials, namely through the imprisonment and confiscation of property.

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