Pavlo Vovk
33 departures abroad during three years, connections with Sergiy Kivalov and Oleksandr Granovskyi, as well as collections of elite watches, paintings, coins and stamps. Moreover, the NABU is investigating alleged fictitious divorce in order to conceal assets.

Pavlo Vovk resigned position of the chairman of DACK on August 1. He has been chairman of this court since 2010, and before this he has worked in the prosecutor's office for the short period of time. If we take into account released tape recordings, he protected his subordinates who had made "right" decisions, for instance, evaluation by the HQCJ.
  • Connections with politicians
    Prior to his career as the judge, Vovk worked as the assistant to MP Sergiy Kivalov, who headed the Parliamentary Committee on Justice of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at that time. When he held position of the judge, he was noticed to have relations with Oleksandr Granovskyi, MP of Ukraine from Petro Poroshenko Bloc (media called the politician "curator" in the prosecutor's office and courts from authorities).

    It is worth to note that Vovk received Fort 17 pistol from the Minister of Internal Affairs in 2014.
  • "The apartment issue"
    During six years (2011-2017) when Vovk has been the chairman, nine of his subordinates received service apartments. Five out of nine apartments were deprived the status of service apartments. Later they were privatized. Activists described the scheme according to which privatization took place. Namely: quite large apartments in new buildings were declared unfit for living, "because their usage requires material investments".

    In 2004, according to conclusion of the PIC, Vovk himself also used his right to privatize the apartment. And then he as the judge received another apartment that had been privatized and sold later.
  • Doubtful assets
    According to conclusion of the Public Integrity Council, which had evaluated Vovk during competition to the Supreme Court in 2017, he made 33 trips abroad (including trips to famous world resorts) during three years (2012-2015). And his ex-wife made 31 trips. He used charter flight at least once. In general, the Public Integrity Council calculated that Vovk has been outside Ukraine for more than six months during that period.

    Also, at that time the PIC questioned the legality of origin of family members' funds: almost third part of the amount was "gifts, prizes, winnings" in 2014. At the same time, declaration also included one million hryvnias from entrepreneurship: his wife earned this money for less than 3.5 months from the moment of registration of her entrepreneurship.
  • Fictitious divorce
    In 2017, the HQCJ decided to transfer materials to the NACP regarding possible Vovk's corruption. But there they decided that declaration of chairman of DACK had neither administrative nor criminal offenses.

    At the same time, the Public Integrity Council concluded that Vovk's divorce in 2015 was probably fictitious in order to hide assets from declaring.
He submitted in the declaration almost 238.000 UAH of income (mainly salary). Wife submitted in the declaration 2.654 UAH, the apartment with the total area of 83 square meters, the car Acura (2008 year of manufacture) and 121.000 UAH on accounts.
2014 рік
Income of the declarant is 247.000 UAH, wife's income is 1.450.000 UAH. Also, family members have submitted 400.000 UAH as "gifts" in declarations.

Vovk put 72.000 UAH (minus 50.000 UAH compared to the previous year) into the account, and wife submitted 57.000 UAH.
Wife disappeared from the declaration, although they has been officially divorced only in May. According to the decision, daughter should stay with father and son should stay with mother. Declaration in 2015 and in 2016 includes two children. That means that family either did not comply with the court decision and father lived with two children, or family did not break up at all.

The declaration also included cash in the amount of 20.000 EUR and 30.000 USD, and at the same time income was only 225.000 UAH.
He "mentioned" the use of house and land plot where he lived with his ex-wife. At the same time, he did not submit his children.

319.000 UAH of salary.

60.000 UAH from alienation of movable property.

Income was declared by another DACK judge Viktor Danylyshyn (watches disappeared).
There were no children in the declaration.

He mentioned 390.000 UAH of salary and 270.000 UAH of royalties from Mamalyuk LLC.

He declared registration of 3 trademarks Mamalyuk (department store of baby goods)

He sold "Acura" to his brother for 600.000 UAH. The lawyer declared it but did not specify it as "significant changes". The brother got rid of the car quite quickly because, according to the Vehicle Register, only INFINITI was registered as of August 19, 2019.

23.000 USD were added to cash line, which was the same as cost of sold car, as well as 6.200 pounds and 50.000 UAH.
2019 рік
The kids not disclosed in previous declarations were disclosed.

The free-of-charge use of land plot and house of ex-wife was changed to usage under gratuitous loan.

He received more than UAH 1.2 Mon royalty income from Mamaliuk LLC (41630268) the main businesses activity of which is retail of cosmetic goods in specialized shops.
According to the dossier, Vovk's mother purchased following real estate according to purchase and sale agreements in 2008:

- August 15, 2008 - 5 land plots intended for construction and maintenance of residential homes, outbuildings and buildings (household plot) with the total area of 1.25 hectares located at: Kyiv region, Vasylkiv district, Dzvinkove village, Irpinska street;

- November 4, 2008 - house at Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshyn district, Vita-Poshtova village, Ostrovskogo street;

- November 4, 2008 - land plot at Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshyn district, Vita-Poshtova village, Ostrovskogo street.

According to the Register of real estate rights, Vovk's mother leased 2 hectares in Vyshgorod district in December 2016.

According to conclusion of the Public Integrity Council, data from Vovk's dossier do not give opportunity to confirm that his mother had possibility to purchase the above-mentioned property at the expense of her own income. Also, according to data from the dossier, former Vovk's father-in-law purchased vehicle Audi Q7 (2016 year of manufacture). However, according to the register, now he owns only purchased in 2015 VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER (2000 year of manufacture).
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