Igor Pogrenichenko
Judge is known for the fact that he has been responsible for fighting against crimes and corruption in the Prosecutor's Office in Kyiv until 2012. At the same time, he received apartment in Kyiv during his service and privatized it. Moreover, in 2009 his mother, who lives in Lugansk region and is engaged in farming, purchased the house not far from Kyiv. According to activists, it was the judge who purchased and lived in this house, but not his mother.

In particular, among his "achievements" are blocking the work of the HQCJ and competition for position of the chairman of the State Customs Service.
top 5 resonant cases
  • Legalization the destruction of Hostynnyi Dvir in Kyiv

    In September 2013, he refused to satisfy statement regarding construction and technical examination, which should have found out whether the draft project of reconstruction of Hostynnyi Dvir in front of the mall has been made in accordance with the law.

    At the same time, he refused to satisfy the appeal of former MP Igor Lutsenko, who asked to declare actions regarding granting permission for reconstruction illegal. He, in fact, legalized the destruction of historical and cultural monument.
  • Prohibition of rallies in front of the Prosecutor General's Office

    In September 2012, he satisfied the appeal of the KCSA and forbade any actions for the period of 3 and a half months in front of the building of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. The decision was justified by the fact that during working hours when the majority of citizens are in offices

    "... holding mass events and rallies in front of the administration building of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine violates silence and interferes residents of neighboring streets, and impedes the educational process in specialized school No. 89".
  • Blocking the competition for the position of the head of the Customs Office
    On April 17, 2019, he adopted the decree by which he suspended order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to hold competition for the position of the head of the State Customs Office. He did this after the regarding statement of MP Andriy Antonyshchak from the party PPB.
    According to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oksana Markarova, the above-mentioned decision, in fact, blocked the reform of this body. The Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal cancelled Pogrebnichenko's decision due to its illegality.
  • Blocking the work of the HQCJ

    He adopted the decree by which he forbade head of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine Sergiy Koziakov to perform powers of member of the HQCJ. And by his decision he stated that the latter had no right to perform his powers as member of the HQCJ since October 25, 2018.

    Such decisions could lead to collapse in the judicial system, since they questioned competition to the High Anti-Corruption Court and the Chamber of Appeal (the competition to the High Anti-Corruption Court and the Chamber of Appeal began in October 2018). Moreover, at that time the HQCJ was re-evaluating judges of all levels in its regular mode. And, therefore, results of evaluation were also doubtful.
  • Prohibition to appoint members of the HCJ according to the presidential quota
    On April 22, 2019, he adopted the decree by which he had prohibited the Competition Commission on selection candidates for positions of members of the High Council of Justice to make decisions on selection candidates recommended for appointment by the President. The court also forbade the head of the Commission Volodymyr Butkevych to submit the list of candidates for consideration to the President.

    We should recall that according to the law, the HCJ submits statements on appointment of judges to the office, makes decisions on dismissal of judges from office, gives consent to arrest the judge, considers cases of bringing judges to disciplinary responsibility.
According to the declaration, judge's mother Pogrebnichenko Svitlana gave her son 400.000 UAH as a gift. At that time she was the nurse at Bilokurakyne Territorial Medical Association. The judge's father was the driver.

According to journalistic investigation, in 2013 the judge received three-room service apartment, where his parents, grandfather and sister were also registered. The apartment with the total area of 126,8 square meters disappeared from the declaration in 2015. The obtained apartments were withdrawn the status of service apartments and privatized later. The ground for this was the appeal of Pavlo Vovk. The illegal scheme was "legalized" by the court decision, which obliged to withdraw apartments the status of service apartments.
In his declaration the judge submited that he owned the apartment in Kyiv with the total area of 46.4 square meters, which he had acquired in 2004, and the right to use house in Markhalivka village with the total area of 202.9 square meters and land plot with the total area of 750 square meters. This property was purchased by his mother on October 22, 2009, and the judge declared the right to use it as of January 18, 2016.

The judge submited in the declaration the car Chevrolet Lacetti (2006 year of manufacture) and Toyota Camry (2014 year of manufacture), whose owner was his mother. Despite the fact that Igor Pogrebnichenko had the right to use Chevrolet Lacetti since 2006, this car was not mentioned in declaration in 2014.

According to the MIA register, the judge's mother owned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (June 27, 2014 year of manufacture) and Toyota Camry (April 3, 2019 year of manufacture). In 2015, his father became owner of HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHTK motorcycle (2012 year of manufacture).

In declaration 2018 Igor Pogrebnichenko submitted cash in the amount of 10.000 EUR and 13.000 USD.
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