Yevgeniy Ablov
One of star representatives of the court, who became famous before the war by forbidding rallies of opposition forces, in particular, on 20th anniversary of Independence. He also authorized the dispersal of protesters in December 2013. From April to December 2019, Ablov was suspended according to the decision of the High Council of Justice.

Rukh Chesno called him one of five "greatest travelers of DACK". According to Slidstvo.Info, in spring 2012 the judge visited Greece, Cuba, Egypt, the UAE and Turkey. And in spring 2013 he visited Germany, Greece, Singapore, Turkey and the UAE. In 2015, law enforcement officers found that while Ablov had been on resorts, court decisions were made on his behalf. Although, cases should be considers only in the courtroom.

The NABU conducted the pre-trial investigation against Ablov according to the article on illicit enrichment. It is known that this article was cancelled by the Constitutional Court later.
  • The decision to disperse the Maydan

    On December 9, 2013, he satisfied the lawsuit filed by citizen to whom barricades on Maydan had allegedly prevented moving. And he ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KCSA to unblock highways and streets where Euromaydan had been located (subdivision of Berkut tried to disperse protesters on the eve of December 11). Ablov issued decision to the claimant only 6.5 hours after the lawsuit has been filed. In two weeks this judge with assistance of the chairman of the court Vovk received apartment in Kyiv for permanent use. He privatized it in 2015 and sold in 2016 for 9.1 million UAH.
  • "Avakov's backpacks"

    In July 2017, he actually acknowledged the legality of conducting tenders regarding procurement of notorious Avakov's backpacks. The lawsuit was filed by Ibis LLC, one of tender participants. The later decided not to agree with decision of competitive tenders one year and a half after they had been held. DACK refused to satisfy lawsuit and found that the procurement procedure was held in accordance with the law.

    At one time, the NABU investigated the criminal proceeding regarding embezzlement of 14 million UAH of state funds during procurement of backpacks by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the National Guard. Son of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Oleksander was probably subject of the scheme. However, some time later the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office closed the proceeding against two subjects, son of the Minister of Internal Affairs and former deputy Minister Sergiy Chebotar due to absence of "direct sufficient evidence".

    In September 2018, Chervonozavodskyi Court of Kharkiv city considered the plea bargain regarding criminal proceeding and found that the procurement procedure, the legally of which established earlier by three judges headed by Ablov, was forged and backpacks turned out to be of poor quality.
  • Suspension of renaming of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate
    In April 2019, by his decision he blocked the process of compulsive renaming of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate. According to the order of the Ministry of Culture, the organization was obliged to indicate in its name affiliation with Russian Orthodox Church. However, DACK decided that it could "lead to unjustified interference of the state in the sphere of activity of religious organization as the legal entity".
  • Blocking the work of Bogomolets Medical University
    In December 2018, by his decision he suspended order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to dismiss Kateryna Amosova from position of the rector of Bogomolets NMU and, in fact, banned the profile ministry to perform administrative functions. The MOH called this decision the one that "compromises Ukrainian judicial system".

    In June this year, the SBI was obliged to register statement of acting head of the Ministry Ulana Suprun regarding "the crime committed by DACK judge Yevgeniy Ablov".
  • Helping Nasirov to avoid responsibility

    In November 2017, three judges of Kyiv District Administrative Court with the chairman Ablov fully satisfied lawsuit of suspended chairman of the SFS Roman Nasirov, in which he had asked the court to clarify presence and absence of powers of the chairman of the SFS during installment of tax debt. DACK decided that Nasirov could not sign document prepared by his subordinates. This made it possible to shift responsibility for giving installments to Oleksandr Onyshchenko's companies on heads of local state tax inspections.

    It is known that Nasirov is accused of abuse of power. Namely, he made the number of illegal decisions on installments of rent payments for the amount more than 2 billion UAH for the use of subsoil for companies controlled by Onyshchenko.
The declaration included his wife and three sons.

Total family's income was 264.448 UAH (221.000 UAH of which is the judge's salary).

Two apartments: 144 and 141 square meters.

Other real estate was 19.8 square meters.

Vehicles: Ablov owned Mazda 3 (2006 year of manufacture). Other family members owned Porsche (2012 year of manufacture).

The judge had 765 UAH on his account.
One son disappeared from the declaration.

Total family's income was 376.675 UAH.

Income from alienation of movable and immovable property was 145.000 UAH. Probably he got it from the sale of Mazda.

At the same time, he paid 725.840 UAH which was main part of the loan and another 88.553 UAH of the percent sum.
Wife disappeared from declaration.

It was stated that one apartment (141 square meters) belonged to son Matviy Ablov.

The judge stated that cost by the latest estimate was 5.86 million UAH.
2019 рік
Ablov declares two sons and ex-wife, the latter is indicated as "a person who lives together however is not married to him".

Again it doesn't declare any premises where he can live in Kyiv.

Instead, he indicates 2 apartments in Odessa owned by his ex-wife and usage of his son Ivan's Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Ablov also declared a loan in the amount of UAH 156,658.
According to the register, Matviy Ablov owns one apartment with the total area of 144 square meters located in Odessa on 12/2 Shevchenko avenue. According to the media, the judge's son purchased apartment under the contract of sale on October 3, 2016 (However, Ablov's declaration in 2015 states January 13, 2016). The contract was certified by notary in Kyiv.

The judge submitted in the declaration another apartment in Odessa with the total area of 144 square meters worth 2.70 million UAH. It is used by another son Ilya. He stated that owners of the apartment have been Valentyna Ablova (mother of the judge) and Svitlana Vorobyova (mother-in-law) since 2006. At the same time, the real estate register shows that Ablova and Vorobyova owned such this apartment on 12/2 Shevchenko avenue. This is the same apartment that is owned by the judge's son, Matviy but not Ilya. Instead, as of August 7, 2019, the register does not show any objects that belong to Ilya Ablov.

At the same time, the register shows that the judge's mother Ablova and Svitlana Vorobyova own three-storey cottage. The house with the total area of 274 square meters was purchased in 2013 on the territory of Dalnyk Village Council in Zolotyi Bugaz area.

According to media, in 2014, this cottage was mortgaged to Imeksbank, since Ablova and Vorobyova acted as guarantors of the judge Ablov. Why did the judge Ablov need this mortgage and terms were not mentioned in the register.

Also, according to the declaration, neither he nor his family owned any vehicles that year (in previous years they owned Mazda 3 (2006 year of manufacture) and Porsche was used by the family (2012 year of manufacture)).

While he has salary in the amount of 218.000 UAH as his single source of income, there are savings in the amount of 15.000 USD and 120.000 UAH.

In October 2016, he submitted in the declaration gift in the form of cash from Ablova Valentyna Pavlivna (mother) in the amount of 1.5 million UAH.
Wife-judge returned to the declaration (with the purchased apartment worth 2.7 million UAH in the same year and two million in cash from the vehicle's sale) and son Ivan (born in 1996 with the boat BRIG ltd worth 300.000 UAH and income in the amount of 12.000 UAH for the whole year).

The apartment in Odessa, which allegedly belonged to his son Ilya, has already been registered on Matviy. He acquired it on October 3, 2016. At the same time, the apartment with the total area of 141 square meters, which allegedly belonged to Matviy, disappeared, according to Ablov's declaration in 2015.

Wife submitted 1.5 million UAH as gift in cash from her own mother and Ablov's mother.

Son Matviy submitted 9.1 million UAH from alienation of real estate in the declaration. Later, Bigus.Info found out that this was about service apartment in Kyiv, which the judge Ablov received from the state, privatized and sold.

We should note that Ablovs were officially divorced back in March 2014.
Son Ivan disappeared from the declaration, and his wife was subject with the status of "person who is cohabiting but is not married". The judge submitted in the declaration the rent of apartment in Kyiv, where he has been working since 2010, for the first time.

Ex-couple submitted in the declaration the use of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 owned by son Ivan and Toyota Avalon owned by Ablov Fedir Valeriyovych (the judge's brother).

We should note that in June 2017, his son Ivan registered Porsche Panamera, year of manufacture and engine volume of which coincides with Porsche, which Ablov had submitted in the declaration in 2013, and which his wife allegedly had sold in 2016.
He almost repeated the declaration in 2017.
family assets
Ex-wife — Ablova Yuliya Yuriyivna

In 2015, Ablova submitted declaration as the prosecutor of local prosecutor's office No. 3 in Odessa region. The declaration lists all three sons, unlike husband's declaration. And this is not the only inconsistency.

Thus, Ablova indicated use of her mother-in-law's and mother's apartment in Odessa (with the total area of 144 square meters), while in Ablov's declaration this apartment is used by son Ilya.

Moreover, Ablova stated that the apartment of her son Matviy was located in Kyiv (Ablov did not specify city in the declaration).

The document also mentions PORSCHE PANAMERA 4 worth 900.000 UAH. One week before submitting annual declaration, Ablova submitted "notice of significant changes", namely, gift in the form of cash in the amount of 1.5 million UAH from her mother and income from alienation of real estate in the amount of 2.85 million UAH from former employee of FC Shakhtar (man of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov) Taktashov Nuriman. (It remains unclear which property was sold.)

Less than in two months, on December 2, 2016 she submitted in the declaration purchase of apartment in Odessa with the total area of 196 square meters worth 4 million UAH.

At the beginning of 2017 she indicated sale of transport worth 2 million UAH. Probably, this was about PORSCHE PANAMERA 4, as it was the only vehicle in declaration. However, during its declaration in 2015 Ablova indicated the price in the amount of 900.000 UAH.

Ablova submitted her declaration in 2016 as the judge of Kominternivskyi District Court of Odessa region. It included husband-judge, gift in the form of cash in the amount of 1.5 million UAH (although were no notice about significant changes), as well as already mentioned income of son Matviy in the amount of 9.1 million UAH from the sale of his father's privatized apartment.

Declaration in 2017 and 2018 corresponded with those submitted by Yevgeniy Ablov.

The eldest son - Ablov Ivan Yevgeniyovych

He is registered as individual entrepreneur. The main NACE is Activity of restaurants, provision of catering services, and the place of residence is already known apartment in Odessa, which, according to declarations of his parents, belongs to his younger brother, millionaire Matviy. Before that, Ivan closed his individual entrepreneurship (Passenger Maritime Transport), which has lasted only seven months.

Around this time (April-November 2017) Ablov's mother-in-law Vorobyova Svitlana Mykolayivna was registered as individual entrepreneur (Activities of accommodation facilities for the period of vacation and other temporary residence and Activity of restaurants, provision of catering services (main).

Vorobyova also owns part of the above-mentioned house in Zolotyi Bugaz area and house in Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi (which was mentioned during registration of individual entrepreneurship).

Ablov's mother, in addition to co-owning apartment in Odessa and cottage with mother of the daughter-in-law, owns two land plots. One is located in Vypasne village, Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi district. Another land plot is rented by judge's mother in Bilgorod. The shop, which is owned by Valentyna Ablova since 2005, is located on this land plot.

Brother - Ablov Fedir Valeriyovych

Since 2016 he has been the head of the State Enterprise Research Household Myrnopillya Institute of Agriculture of the Black Sea of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (Myrnopillya village, Odessa region).

He submitted the land plot in Zatoka village and wife's house in Odessa in the declaration in 2016.

While Ablov has annual income in the amount of 130.000 UAH (only salary of the couple and no savings), he buys two cars worth 600.000 UAH. Namely: Audi Q7 (2006 year of manufacture) and Toyota Avalon (2008 year of manufacture). The price of the latter (100.000 UAH) is doubtful: the car of this age on specialized sites costs 13.000-18.000 USD which is three times higher than the declared amount. We should note that the judge Ablov submitted the use of this car in declarations in 2017 and 2018.

Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon (2014) worth 550.000 UAH appears in the declaration in 2017. At the same time, Audi Q7 disappears. However, there were no notice on significant changes, as well as no income from alienation of the vehicle. At the same time, couple's income remained the same as it was last year, namely, 130.680 UAH. And it consists solely of salaries.

On December 6, 2018, Fedir Ablov submitted in the declaration "significant changes", namely, getting salary in the amount of 216.000 UAH and purchase of the car Toyota LAND CRUISER 200 (2014 year of manufacture) worth only 245.000 UAH (market value can range from one million UAH). We should also pay attention to indicated dates. So, he purchased the car on October 17 (almost two months ago), and he has received salary on August 15 next year (2019). That means that there is violation of timing in declaration in both cases.

Moreover, we can assume that 2019 was accidentally indicated. Thus, why the entire salary of Fedir Ablov is stated in the amount of 173.000 UAH in declaration in 2018.

Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon, which was purchased only last year, disappeared from declaration. There were no significant changes in declaration, income from alienation of the vehicle was not stated as well.

Salary of his wife at Odessa City Employment Center for the third year in a row remained 62.174 UAH.

We should also emphasize that Fedir Ablov "forgot" to indicate in the declaration land plot with the total area of almost 5 hectares in Semenivka village, Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi district. He acquired ownership on it on July 12 that year.

According to the register of vehicles, now he owns only Toyota LAND CRUISER 200.

Brother's wife — Ablova Oksana Volodymyrivna

In January 2017, she headed the group of accounting, finance and accounting department of the municipal institution Center for Financing and Economic Activity of Education Institutions in Malynovskyi District in Odessa.

In declaration in 2017 she submitted 84.732 UAH of salary (in declaration of Fedir Ablov the amount of her salary and source has not changed during three years).

We should pay attention to corrected declaration after the release, where Ablova stated the availability of cash for each of spouses: 35.000 and 80.000 UAH respectively. Fedir Ablov himself didn't submit savings in the declaration.

In declaration of the candidate for position (February 19, 2019) Ablova has already submitted cash in the amount of 40.000 and 100.000 UAH respectively. On the same day, she submitted her annual declaration as senior state executor of First Kyiv Department of the State Executive Service in Odessa. In less than one month before dismissal she submitted declaration.
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