The explanation to help corrupt officials
Here, we describe how the NACPs' explanations allow corrupt officials to find different way how not to submit their assets in declarations. Or they tie hands to detectives and prosecutors who can not initiate criminal proceedings without the "permission" of the NACP. It is obvious that "permissions" are not easy to get.
The responsibility for the violation only after the NAPC's conclusions
In December 2017, the NACP issued the official explanation that the law enforcement officers could not initiate criminal proceedings for the lie in declaration and illicit enrichment without audits and conclusions of the agency itself.

At that time, the NABU detectives were already investigating dozens of such cases according to citizens' appeals and numerous journalistic investigations. But the NACP suddenly decided that they should become the filter between citizens and the law enforcement officers.

Subjects of criminal proceedings started to use the convenient explanation for them immediately.

For example, the decision of the NACP was immediately used by the head of the State Service Lidiya Gavrylova, who was suspected of illicit enrichment in the amount of almost 10 million USD, as well as the lie in declaration. Her case had already been sent by the SAPO prosecutors to the court. However, Gavrylova believes that without the NACP's verification law enforcement officers did not have the right to even open the case.
Permission not to submit assets in the declaration which were not under the New Year's tree
In August 2016, prior to the launch of e-declarations the NACP issued the first explanation, which, in fact, was the instruction for filling and submitting declarations.

However, paragraph 11 of these explanations turned out to be the gift for subjects of criminal cases. The NACP noted that the declarers should display all their assets, which they own and use only as of December 31. And this means the end of the year.

It turns out that during the whole year they can use elite cars and country estates that are registered on relatives, and on the New Year's eve just "do not get in touch" with them and do not submit them in declarations.

The SAPO's prosecutors referred to this explanation when they closed the criminal case on illicit enrichment of the head of the National Ground Forces Academy Pavlo Tkachuk.
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