The NACP's grave
We added cases to this chapter that show how the NACP closes its eyes on gross violations. Some cases are lying for more than a year without any decisions. 96% of declarations, the full verification of which the NACP completed in 2017-2018, were not verified in time.

The NACP deliberately delays the deadline for prosecution, explaining it by the duration of the verification. In fact, cases are simply lying, waiting until the annual term for the punishment will expire and they can be simply closed.
The conflict of interests in Kholodnytskyi's actions was not seen
The NACP did not see the conflict of interests in actions of the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office Nazar Kholodnytskyi, who made the decision in the criminal proceeding, whose subject is his friend.

In April 2018, the media published the video on which Oleksandr Bogachev, the assistant to the Member of Parliament of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko, along with the Mayor of Chernivtsi Ilya Dikov offered the bribe to acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun. This case was investigated by the NABU.

It turned out that at some time Kholodnytskyi worked with Dikov in the law enforcement system of Kyiv-Svyatoshyn district. Later, he even led the prosecutor's personal case, where Dikov using connections, secured opening of the criminal case against his debtor, where there were no sign of the crime.

Despite such connections with the subjects, Kholodnytskyi personally replaced one and selected other prosecutors to the case, where the subject was his longtime colleague Dikov. Such decision grossly violates the law. Kholodnytskyi was obliged to remove himself from any decisions in this case, having the conflict of interests.

Moreover, published by the NABU so-called "aquarium" tape recordings clearly recorded how the head of the SAPO gave directions to the prosecutor how to help Dikov to avoid responsibility.

One month before results of the NACP, Kholodnytskyi refused for the second time to agree the suspicion to the member and former head of the agency Nataliya Korchak. Thus, it didn't see such obvious violation and the NACP thanked Kholodnytskyi.
Closed eyes to the undeclared piar of Tymoshenko in the USA
One year ago, the American company Two Paths LLC hired the PR-company Avenue Strategies Global LLC to represent interests of Yuliya Tymoshenko. This was about payment of 390,000 USD in 2018 to the PR manager.

The last name Tymoshenko directly appeared in the official report of the PR company filed to the Department of Justice of the United States.
The payment of such funds in interests of Tymoshenko could mean that:
  • they belong to her. And this means the illicit enrichment, because such amount was not submitted in her declaration
  • someone presented Yuliya Volodymyrivna valuable PR services. However, this violates the anti-corruption law of Ukraine. Moreover, if it is the generous gift, then Tymoshenko did not submit it in the declaration. Although she was obliged
However, the NACP "did not find" evidence of Yuliya Tymoshenko's violation of the anti-corruption law.
Decided not to investigate the origin of undeclared prosecutor's Infinity
In autumn 2017, Angela, the wife of the deputy prosecutor of Sumy region Serhiy Maslyuk, got into the car accident while she was driving Infiniti QX 70.

It turned out that she got into the accident on the car, which was not submitted in husband's declaration. The car officially belonged to Angela Maslyuk's sister, and the prosecutor's wife had the right to use the car.

Journalists found that none of the prosecutor's relatives was involved in business, but they had two apartments and a dozen of land plots in Sumy region. And the prosecutor's mother also bought the new Mercedes ML 350 at her own expense.

However, this was not the ground for the NACP for the full verification of Serhiy Maslyuk's declaration. And the fact that his wife drove the undeclared car, the NACP denied by the fact that journalists themselves did not prove that Angela Maslyuk used the car not only in 2017, but in 2016. The NACP decided not to put questions to the prosecutor.
Ignored expenses that are two times higher than income of the prosecutor Kulyk
The case on illicit enrichment of the prosecutor Kostyantyn Kulyk is in the court since 2016. He is accused of unjustified acquisition of property for 2,8 million UAH. During six month the prosecutor spent twice more than he received during the year.

After sending the case to the court, Kulyk was promoted. He was transferred to the international department of the Prosecutor General's Office, and the President gave the award the Order of Merit of the III degree.

Despite sent case to the court and provided complete information on illicit enrichment to the NABU, the NACP did not find any problems in Kulyk's declarations in 2015 and in 2016.
The attempt to punish not for the elite house but for the dog
Journalists found that the head of the Main Investigative Department of the National Police, Dmytro But, acquired elite property and registered it to his wife, but did not have the corresponding official income.

In particular, in 2015, his wife became the owner of two apartments with the total area of 91 and 113 sq. m. in the residential complex Novopecherski Lypki, as well as two garages with the total area of 36 sq. m.

The NACP conducted the full verification and found completely different violation instead of the confirmation of facts of illicit enrichment. Dmytro But did not submit his dog in the declaration.

At the same time, the agency showed persistence in this case and tried to confiscate the subject of violation through the court. Namely, the dog.
Illegaly refused to verify the declaration of the Member of Parliament Khlan
The Member of Parliament Serhiy Khlan from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Solidarnist did not submit in the declaration in 2015 the common-law wife Olesya Boyko, who owns three enterprises. Although the law obliges to submit persons who live with the declarant and have common life with him, even if they are not married.

By the way, the owner of Boyko's enterprises was Khlan himself before he became the Member of Parliament. This is about private agricultural enterprise Demetra, Granit LLC, and Terra Invest Trade.

However, Serhiy Khlan gave the commentary to the media in February 2016 that he had the common law wife who owned the business. Also, you can see common photos with Olesya Boyko in 2015 in Serhiy Khlan's social networks.

In addition to two enterprises, Khlan decided to hide the luxury car Porsche Panamera. According to Mykolayiv media, the Member of Parliament was repeatedly noticed driving such the car. The car is registered at the MP's common law wife Olesya Boyko.

After receiving appeals regarding these facts, the NACP refused to conduct the full verification of Khlan's declaration which contradicts the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption".
Refused to investigate the service of the State Security Administration at Geletey's anniversary
Valeriy Geletey, the head of the State Security Department and former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, systematically involves his subordinates to perform non-government-related functions. He often involves them for his own needs as servants and drivers.

So, in September 2017, journalists showed how during the celebration of 50th anniversary of Geletey the State Security Department staff assisted the boss in organizing the party: they compared lists of VIP guests, took gifts and flowers, and organized the parking. Two soldiers dressed in the ceremonial uniforms even met guests at the entrance.
Journalists also stated that Geletey's daughter-in-law arrived to the House of Officers, where the celebrations took place in the car where the driver was worker of the State Security Department Oleksandr Zubko. On the same car Zubko constantly brings Geletey's son to school and takes him home.

In 2016, Audi Q7 with such license plate was registered at the father-in-law of the Colonel-General Oleksandr Popovych. Despite the fact that Geletey's family uses this elite car, it was not submitted in the declaration of the head State Security Department.

Despite all these obvious facts, the NACP decided that this was not the violation. However, it is clear that Geletey used his position for his private purposes. This is prohibited by the anti-corruption law. Therefore, the NACP could have to make the reprimand to him by acknowledging the use of services of the State Security Department as the violation.
Forgave the rector of the University of Shevchenko the lie in declaration
In the declaration in 2016 the rector of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University Leonid Guberskyi submitted that he and his wife owned only two objects of real estate: the apartment and the garage in Kyiv.

At the same time, according to the media, Guberskyi's wife owns the land plot with the total area of 0.09 hectares, which is located in the village of Mykhaiylivka-Rubezhivka, Kyiv region. This information is confirmed by the extract from the state register of real estate.

Moreover, Larysa Guberska is the founder of the Law Company Villar LLC, and the co-founder of the Institute for Legislative Studies LLC. She contributed to the statutory fund of the latter 112,500 UAH. There is no information about corporate rights of the wife in Guberskyi's declaration.

The NACP decided to forgive such "forgetfulness" to the rector, because after the submission of the declaration, he "remembered" about it and wrote the letter to the agency. Guberskyi asked to consider his actions as unintentional. It is obvious the NACP is fully satisfied with the "excuse" of forgetfulness, despite the fact that such position does not comply with the law.
"Did not see" violations in the declaration of the head of District Administrative Court of Kyiv Pavlo Vovk
In May 2017, it became known that the NABU's detectives are conducting the search at the house in Vita-Poshtova, Kyiv region, which belongs to former wife of the head of District Administrative Court of Kyiv Pavlo Vovk.

It turned out that Pavol Vovk divorced his wife in 2015. However, he continued to live with her and enjoyed all assets registered at her.

This is about the house with the total area of 127,4 sq. m. and the land plot with the total area of 0,1597 hectares. This became the ground for investigation of the NABU on the fact of submitting false information in the declaration and illicit enrichment of Vovk.

Detectives found that the couple were divorced on May 12, 2015. But in 2015-2016 Vovk and his former wife went abroad together.

At the same time, the NACP conducted the full verification of Vovk's declarations. However, it approved the decision on absence of violations.
Believed that 88-years-old prosecutor's grandmother drives Audi Q7
Journalists found that former deputy head of the PGO department on investigation of especially important cases Dmytro Sus was constantly using the SUV Audi Q7, but did not submit it in the declaration.

The car is registered at the resident of Khmelnytskyi Mariya Yurchyk (1930 year of birth). She is the grandmother of Dmytro Sus.

These facts became the ground for the investigation of the NABU's criminal proceeding against Sus due to the submission of false information in the declaration.

In May 2018, this case was sent to the court along with other crimes that Sus is accused of. As of today, the case is being heard, the evidence is being investigated.

However, this did not prevent the NACP, which conducted the full verification of the declaration of Sus in 2015 not to see violations in it. Taking into account the fact that the case of Sus is currently being heard in the court, this decision of the NACP Sus's attorneys will use in his favor.
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