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We don’t have any law enforcement Authority in Ukraine which could investigate the activities of the President

Such possibility was in the Draft law on Anti-corruption Bureau but after the final text of the Law went through the Presidential Administration the mention of President has gone.

And that was the only compromise that allowed to gather the majority of votes for the law in the Parliament

The State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) could possibly be such authority but we are all witnessing how much effort the Government makes to stop its creation. And it is – an illusory opportunity, because supervision – control over the investigation of the Bureau is also under the Prosecutor General’s Office. Now you understand why the PGO is so fundamental authority for the political stability of the presidential vertical.

Before the creation of SBI such financial crimes are controlled should be investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office controlled by the President. This is called a vicious circle of corruption, controlled personally by the President Poroshenko.

So, while Poroshenko holds the highest office in the state – bringing him to justice is impossible. He holds political responsibility and should at least comprehensively and publicly explain to the public what was going on with his business for all this time – who and how was preparing it for sale, on which stage is it now and what role in this process is played by offshore structures.

The words of the President should be confirmed by the mentioned Rothschilds to whom he allegedly handed over the management of his corporation.

But that’s not all. The president suspected of corruption by the journalists – both in his own country and overseas, should bear political responsibility and resign. OR – to create the possible conditions for declaring the mistrust. In fact, we are talking about an impeachment process, which was liquidated by the predecessors but not restored by post-maidan politicians.

We are talking about changes in the law on the Anti-Corruption Bureau, which should be able to investigate the activities of not only former presidents, but also acting ones. Give a legal possibility to the new, unbiased and impartial authority, is the best answer from the President if he has nothing to hide in offshore companies.

But if he has – the Street will bring him to responsibility.

The Panama documents – is another argument to introduce the legislative mechanisms for monitoring of beneficial owners and trusts not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.