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Zelenskyi’s lawyer, who falls under lustration, had secret meeting with the head of the Constitutional Court – “Schemes” investigative journalists

Ukrayinska Pravda. Original text

Andriy Bogdan, the advisor and lawyer at the campaign headquarters of the candidate Volodymyr Zelenskyi, falls under the restriction of the lustration law and cannot work in the public administration.

This is reported by Schemes investigative journalists. They referred to the data of the journal of visits to the Constitutional Court. They got the copy of it.

“At the same time, he secretly visited the Constitutional Court on March 13, where he allegedly had meeting with the head of the court Stanislav Shevchuk. This court is currently making the decision regarding the fate of the Law “On the purification of the authorities” and may recognize lustration as unconstitutional,” state journalists.

According to information received by journalists, Andriy Bogdan visited the Constitutional Court on March 13, 2019. The journal states that the pass for Bogdan was ordered by “First reception” (first reception means the reception of the head of the court).

The head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is Stanislav Shevchuk.

Schemes reported that Bogdan refused to answer the question what was the purpose of his visit to the Constitutional Court.

One week ago, he assured journalists of Schemes that he had not talked to Volodymyr Zelenskyi about his appointment to any position.

“I have been acquainted with Volodymyr Zelenskyi for a very long time … This is private part of life … We have been friends with him for a long time. And I tell you that I have never, not long time ago, not now, not today, not one month ago, not half a year ago, talked with him about holding any position,” stated Andriy Bogdan to Schemes’ journalists.

Journalists also tried to contact with the head of the court Stanislav Shevchuk. At first, he did not answer the phone. Then his phone was turned off.

The Constitutional Court has been considering the case regarding the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Law “On the purification of power” (lustration) for more than four years.

Journalists reported that, according to the Law “On the purification of power” Andriy Bogdan cannot work in the public administration during 10 years since the Law entered into force (that means until October 2024). He falls under the restriction because he twice held the position of the Government Commissioner on Anti-Corruption Policy during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

“For the first time he was appointed to this position by Mykola Azarov on March 17, 2010. And Viktor Yanukovych dismissed him by the presidential decree on February 14, 2011. For the second time, Azarov appointed Andriy Bogdan as the Government Commissioner on July 11, 2013. Arseniy Yatsenyuk approved his voluntary resignation after the Revolution of Dignity on March 5, 2014,” reported Schemes.

According to the Law of Ukraine on “On the purification of power”, the position of the Government Commissioner on Anti-Corruption Policy is included in the list of positions regarding which measures on purification of power are taken.

Moreover, Bogdan is the subject of report of the Department on Lustration about results of collecting and summarizing information on implementation of the Law “On the purification of power” as the person with the “lustration criteria”.