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Without legislative changes, Anti-corruption Bureau will be crowded with werewolves

Tomorrow, the Verkhovna Rada will vote on Draft Bill No.1406 – amendments to the Law “On National Anti-corruption Bureau“, which was crippled by the Parliament of previous convocation.

The Draft Bill is the first aspen stake into the heart of old system, whose zombies are already lining up to the Bureau striving for positions of prosecutors, investigators, operatives, etc.

Direct provision of the Draft Bill No.1406 – to prohibit admission to the National Bureau of those pillars of corrupted law enforcement system that worked during recent five years in specially authorized anti-corruption units of:

  • office of the public prosecutor
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • tax militia
  • Security service of Ukraine
  • Military Service of Law Order in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and
  • customs authorities.

Without this amendment to effective law on the Bureau, there is no sense in announcing a vacancy for its director: team of werewolves and zombies can build only a cemetery for dreams of Ukrainians about honest authorities and integrity, but not an independent “impertinent” authority that will begin jailing friends of president, prime minister, prosecutor, judge, deputy, general, etc.

The second aspen stake – into the heart of the Verkhovna Rada, which will lost its influence on appointment of the Bureau’s Director. In accordance with the current wording of the castrated Law in effect, simple parliamentary majority appoints a director nominated by the president.

Direct provision of the new law establishes that: “President appoints a candidate selected by the Nomination Commission to the position of the Director of the National Bureau within ten days from the date when the Nomination Commission submits a relevant lodgment for his consideration”.

The Draft Bill writes finis to discussion of specific candidates for the position of the head of the Bureau and “January surprises”.

The Nomination Commission takes full responsibility for the head of the Bureau who is able to work an “anticorruption miracle” in Ukraine.

The third aspen stake – right into the heart of the President’s Administration, former leaders of which have been defined by the new law as high-level officials to be “patronized” by the Anticorruption Bureau. New authority will investigate corruption crimes of all “sweet friends” – beginning with Kravchuk, and ending with Yanukovych.

The last but not least important fundamental change, without which the Bureau will not establish itself as an independent and efficient specialized law enforcement authority – salaries of employees.

The Draft Bill provides for high salary for all specialists of the NAB. This change will stimulate that small community of real professionals committed to their work and country to apply for job in the Bureau. This is the best signal for future director to build a team of incorruptible and motivated professionals able to push the matter through and not lead it into a blind alley.

Properly speaking, an attempt to vote on the Draft Bill No.1406 in the first reading and in whole will show how short is a way from a newly elected coalition member to werewolf.

So called “tushky” (derogatory word meaning “carcass”) – defectors from one party or faction to another – were the scourge of the Verkhovna Rada of previous convocation.

“Coalition werewolves” – is a phenomenon of Ukrainian politicum, which may replace “political carcasses” very soon.