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3. The most crucial and fresh cases of corruption investigations and revelations from journalists and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine

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Караємо зашкварених мажоритарників

Holding those responsible for syphoning money from procurements.

Map Ukrainian Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Foreign partners condition Ukraine to fight corruption. We are monitoring how Ukraine implements these obligations.

Exploring corruption and learn to fight it.

Helping to return the money stolen by corrupt officials back to Ukraine.

Why do we translate journalistic investigations of grand political corruption in Ukraine?

Ukrainian media contains hundreds of journalistic investigations revealing cases of conflict of interests, misuse of power, self-dealing and other corrupt activities of senior Ukrainian politicians.

These publications often are grounded on profound evidence, but they are flouting around in web causing just waves of indignation among social media users and intellectuals. Law enforcement agencies in Ukraine, however, do not react even on the most obvious cases of political corruption published in media, though it’s their direct duty according to the national legislation.

The reason for that – close tights and links between law enforcement agencies and decision makers and dependent judiciary. Senior politicians feeling impunity and full control of power are notoriously siphoning hundreds of millions and even billions of state budget funds to their own pockets and to pockets of their family members.

While we lost hope in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and courts we do believe that the EU and US authorities might be helpful to curb grand political corruption in Ukraine.

Anti-money laundering laws promoted by FATF and implemented in national legislation of the EU and US are forbidding financial institutions in these jurisdictions to make business with foreign corrupt politically exposed persons, who considered being high-risk clients.

Journalistic investigations, however, are repeatedly revealing facts of using the EU and US financial systems by Ukrainian kleptocrats to launder the proceeds of corruption. Thus, the EU and US financial institutions and law enforcement agencies permitting Ukrainian corrupt authorities to launder ill-gotten assets within their jurisdictions seem to either neglect their anti-money laundering legislation, or to be not aware of the most outrageous publicly known cases of grand political corruption in Ukraine.

Therefore, we decided to launch the civic campaign for translation into foreign languages (especially English) journalistic investigations publicly revealing the most outrageous cases of politically exposed persons in Ukraine involved in corrupt activities with obvious links to jurisdictions in the EU and US. Accumulating these translations will help EU and US financial institutions to avoid doing business with Ukrainian corrupt PEPs, and law enforcement agencies of these jurisdictions to freeze and forfeiture assets derived from Ukrainian grand political corruption.

Volunteers, who feel they deserve to live in a democratic country without constant fraud and plundering of taxpayers’ funds by politicians in power, do all translations gathered here. Are you the one to join our team?

If you care about the future of Ukraine, if the fall down of democratic processes in Ukraine is threatening you, if you want to do something concrete and effective please join us and help with translations!