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The court rejected Demchyna’s lawsuit against Shabunin

The court rejected lawsuit of Pavlo Demchyna, First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, against Vitaliy Shabunin, the Head of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center. Demchyna demanded his honor and dignity to be protected by acknowledging the post on Facebook to be untrue.

Svyatoshynskyi District Court of Kyiv on July 11, 2018 approved the following
decision. The third person in the dispute is NGO

We would like to remind that Pavlo Demchyna asked the court to declare the information from Vitaliy Shabunin’s post, where the activist describes lifestyle and work of Hrytsak’s Deputy, being untrue and such that degrades his honor, dignity and business reputation, as well as to refute it. This information was disclosed in journalistic investigation of Slidstvo.Info project.

In particular, in the first edition of the lawsuit, Pavlo Demchyna wanted Shabunin to write a new post about him with the following content: “Pavlo Volodymyrovych is a very decent and honest person who guards corruption in Ukraine…”

In addition, in order to refute the post of Shabunin, the attorney of the Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine brought letters to the court from the leadership of Petro Poroshenko Block party, MP Ihor Kononenko, the State Phytosanitary Service and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. With the help of these documents, the official tried to refute his ties with the presidential faction in parliament, and MP Kononenko, and also to prove that he did not interrupt the activity of the LPG gas market or export of walnuts.

It also should be noted that Pavlo Demchyna heads the main department for combating corruption and organized crime of the Central Department of the SBU. This department is responsible for the disparagement of business and discrediting the remaining employees of the service that protect the sovereignty of Ukraine.

It is known that Demchyna filed as many as 16 lawsuits against journalists and activists to protect his honor and dignity, and refute information. This happened after the release of the investigation by journalists of on about assets of the SBU official. It was widely quoted in the media after.

Also, this is not the first lawsuit of Demchyna against Shabunin. The Deputy Head of the SBU also sued the publishing house Media-DK, which publishes Novoe Vremia magazine. In the article on the persecution of anti-corruption activists in this magazine, Shabunin suggested that Demchyna was involved in the protest action in front of his house. The SBU member requires to refute it in the court.