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New State Service of Medical Products Head Has Been Nominated

The Ministry of Health has nominated Serhiy Hur’yev as the new Head of the State Service of Medical Products. Official documentation sent from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to the Anti-Corruption Action Center revealed the submission of his candidacy. 

It should be noted, however, that the Ministry of Health has not yet officially announced the nomination.

The only message regarding the next head of this department on the Ministry of Health’s website is that the selection process for a new head had been completed.

Serhiy Hur’yev is a medical doctor, professor, and the deputy general director of the Ukrainian Research Center of Emergency and Disaster Medicine for the Ministry of Health in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, we must state the fact that the head of the country’s critical pharmaceutical regulation process will not be someone new,” claims Oleksandra Ustinova, a member of the board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center. “This person has worked for over ten years in the current system, specifically in the State Service of Medical Products, which was and continues to be one of the most corrupt departments in the country.  This person himself will determine the cost of medicines in Ukraine, which today are as expensive as gold,” she adds.

The appointment of Hur’yev as the head of the State Service of Medical Products must be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


  • The State Service of Medical Products is not a new organization for Serhiy Hur’yev. For a long time, Serhiy Hur’yev was a member of the Council of State Registration of Medical Devices for the State Service of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products.
  • In accordance with regulations, the Council provides recommendations regarding the registration and re-registration of medical products in Ukraine, conducts clinical trials of medicines, provides additional examinations of medical devices, pauses or stops the certificate registration process and other issues in regards to the circulation of medical products, all under the jurisdiction of the State Service for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
  • In fact, the registration of any medical product or medical technology relies on the Council’s approval.
  • Most council members have their own businesses related to medical technology, including, for example, Inna Demchenko, the deputy of the former head of the State Service of Pharmaceuticals Oleksiy Solovy’ov; the current Opposition Bloc MP Tetyana Bakhtyeyeva; and Valeriy Devko.
  • Valeriy Devko was the former head of the state enterprise Politekhmed and a part-owner in the company Lyuksoptyka, which sells medical products. One of the other co-owners of Lyuksoptyka is Larysa Lozhkina, the mother of Borys Lozhkin, who is the head of the Presidential Administration.
  • The company Lyuksoptyka owns another company that sells medical equipment called Medtekhnyka, which is part-owned by Borys Lozhkin’s mother-in-law Fima Sholomova.
  • In 2011, Serhiy Hur’yev became a deputy of the Council of the State Registration of Medical Devices for the State Service of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products.
  • One of Hur’yev’s regular scientific report co-authors is Oleksiy Solovyov, the controversial former head of the State Service of Medical Products and is now currently an assistant for the MP Tetyana Bakhtyeyeva.