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INFOGRAPHICS — 71 candidates continue to participate in the competition to the Anti-Corruption Court. International experts have completed their work

Thanks to the work of the Public Council of International Experts, 42 questionable candidates or almost 40% out of 113, who had successfully passed exams earlier, withdrew from the competition to the High Anti-Corruption Court.

Today, the stage of vetoing questionable candidates by international experts has ended. However, the competition to the High Anti-Corruption Court goes on.

At first, international experts raised concern regarding 49 candidates, and later voted for their exclusion from the competition at joint meetings of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. According to results of six joint meetings, 42 candidates withdrew from the competition.


Seven candidates continue to participate in the competition. They succeeded to persuade international experts and the Qualification Commission of Judges regarding their integrity and professionalism.

“Unlike the Qualification Commission of Judges, which used to believe the most ridiculous candidates’ explanations during the competition to the Supreme Court, international experts did not agree to recognize questionable candidates to be honest on the ground of unconvincing evidence. The Public Council of International Experts has shown how the European standard for the selection of judges works”, — states Anastasiya Krasnosilska, the AntAC’s expert.

“Now, the High Qualification Commission of Judges should apply the same approach regarding the selection of judges during new competition to the Supreme Court, as candidates with questionable property or decisions should not become winners”, adds Krasnosilska.

In total, 71 candidates continue to participate in the competition for positions of the anti-corruption judges. They will be interviewed by the High Qualification Commission of Judges. After that the Commission will determine winners of the competition.

The President should appoint judges not later than 30 days after the date of receiving statement of the High Council of Justice (HCJ). He has no right to refuse the appointment of any candidate. It is expected that Petro Poroshenko will appoint judges until the first round of presidential elections, namely until March 31, 2019.

Before this, candidates with questionable political connections also might be excluded from the competition, because their appointment could negatively effect the trust to judiciary.

Such powers are entitled to the High Qualification Commission of Judges and the High Council of Justice, unlike the Public Council of International Experts, which could veto candidates only because of doubts regarding their integrity or professionalism.

6 international experts from Great Britain, Lithuania, Canada, Denmark and Macedonia are members of the Public Council of International Experts. 4 former judges and 2 prosecutors are among them.


We should recall that non-governmental organizations the Anti-Corruption Action Center, the DEJURE Foundation, the AutoMaydan and the Transparency International Ukraine have compiled the list of 55 questionable candidates. 35 have already withdrawn the competition.