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High Qualification Commission of Judges Finished Interviews with Candidates for the New Supreme Court

On May 26 the Commission held final interviews with the candidates to the new Supreme Court. Starting from June 6th the Commission will hold plenary sessions, where it will decide on whether to adopt or to disqualify negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council regarding candidates.

This far panels of HQCJ disregarded 80% of negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council.

Below are results of civic monitoring of 80% of the Supreme Court judges interviews.

Supreme Court

According to the law on judiciary, if HQCJ agrees with opinion on the Council, a candidate must be disqualified from the competition; to overcome negative opinion of the Council, Commission needs votes of 11 out of 16 members of the Commission.

HCQJ will adopt its decision on consideration or non-consideration of Public Integrity Council opinions behind closed doors and does not intend to publish personalized results of the voting.

However, jointly with other partners AntAC demands publication of personalized results of the HQCJ voting on conclusions of PIC opinions. This does not contradict the law on judiciary, since the law only prohibits participation of a candidate and third parties during the voting.