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Both Prosecutor Generals Appointed by Poroshenko Contributed to Closure of Ivanyushchenko Case

Ukraine is losing its chance to recover at least $200 million worth of stolen money that has been seized in accounts in Monaco and Switzerland.

The funds belong to Ivanyushchenko, a close associate of Yanukovych. The funds were seized after the EU imposed personal sanctions that froze assets of key Yanukovych allies.

The reason for the development is that the PGO of Ukraine hasn’t found enough hard evidence to convince the judge to continue the investigation.  As a result, the court on January 2, decided to terminate the investigation of Ivanyushchenko. 

Viktor Shokin is the second Prosecutor General appointed by Poroshenko, the first was Yarema, who is killing the case.

There was already a high risk of removing sanctions against Ivanyushchenko back in November of 2015. However, our team of lawyers prepared three applications about the crime, based on public information about Ivanyuschenko’s corrupt schemes, and sent them to the PGO.

Finally, in December 2015, based on one of these statements, the PGO opened a criminal investigation and issued a notification of suspicion against Ivanyushchenko. It is this investigation, which the court is ordering the PGO to close. A representative of GPO even didn’t appear in the court hearing to defend a position of prosecution.

Just yesterday,the GPO issued a statement that the court ordering the closure of the case is illegal and that they will appeal. This is a preposterous “PR” stunt as any evidence that could be collected will now be thrown out because the court has already made the order to close the case and such a decision couldn’t be appealed according to Ukrainian Criminal Procedure Code.

The attempted closure of the Ivanyuschenko case leaves no doubt that the “killing” of criminal proceedings against the Yanukovych clan is a planned, systematic policy of the second prosecutor general appointed by Poroshenko.

Therefore, we call on the EU, IMF and other international partners to freeze financial support of the government of Ukraine, including loans and grants, until Viktor Shokin is removed from his position!

Ukraine does not need its next generations to be paying for stolen loans and assets, and unless Shokin is gone and real reform of prosecution is implemented, this is likely to happen.