Anti Corruption Action Centre

Anti Corruption Action Centre – a team of people who are fed up with corruption and those who undauntedly engage in corruption of all types and levels.

During the process of working in various areas – international organizations, foreign companies, youth movements and public institutions – we have reached a consensus: the lack of effective punishment for corruption crimes generates impunity and fearlessness.

AntAC – much more than social activities; it’s working for our better, day-to-day life.

For some, working in AntAC is the most courageous act in life they’ve made. Therefore, we highly appreciate everyone who joins our team: analysts, lawyers, media people, journalists, financiers and advocates of change.

The lack of effective punishment for corrupt crimes generates impunity. And still we live in a country where corruption was and is - a way of life.

  • We founded our Centre and began working so that corruption in our country will become an exception.
  • Our job is to create a toxic environment for officials and politicians where corruption will not be profitable because of the high price of punishment - both materially and through reputation.
  • We choose freely, therefore we are easy to work with and our opponents and enemies have a hard time antagonizing or discrediting us.
  • We do not support any politician or political party, but openly advocate the punishment of specific persons engaged in corruption.


Oliver Bullough
Award-winning British journalist and author, who focuses on corruption and financial crime
Giovanni Kessler
Prominent Italian lawyer and prosecutor, specializing in a fight against fraud, financial crime and corruption
Francis Fukuyama
American philosopher, political scientist and economist
Oleksa Shalayskyi
Well-experienced Ukrainian journalist, co-author and editor-in-chief of the online resource “Nashi Groshi”

How it happened

We always answer: our publicity and transparency in our work is our greatest defense.

We are friends with most foreign ambassadors and politicians working in Ukraine, engage in constant communication with international organizations and cooperate with international technical assistance projects.

The citizens of Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU finance us. This is very valuable. We are grateful for every donation and project that we were able to implement thanks to your support.




The establishment of the Centre. The team worked for a year on a volunteer basis.


Starting form 2013 we are getting permanent financing which allowed to bring a full-time lawyers and media professionals to the team


From the date of Centre’s establishment, we are receiving support from citizens – compatriots and foreign nationals

Donations of Ukrainians



Donations of
foreign nationals


7 years of AnTAC work = projects for $2.3 million

Увесь 2012 рік команда Центру працює на волонтерських засадах

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About us

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