On September 17, 2020, the vote in the parliament for the controlled Selection commission for the selection of the head of the SAPO became a litmus test identifying MPs who do not care about the European future of Ukraine.

These MPs put at risk the visa-free regime with the EU for the people of Ukraine.

We at the Anti-corruption Action Centre consider this unfair.

We have set ourselves the goal of abolishing the right of individual visa-free travel to the EU and Switzerland as well as blocking visas to the United States and the United Kingdom of every MP (and members of their families) who steals visa-free travel from Ukrainians.

#VisabanKremlinAgents is a new project of AntAC in which we identify the Western assets of MPs and their family members, investigate the source of their wealth and carefully record the pro-Kremlin activities of those MPs.

Based on the gathered facts and using international legal instruments, we prepare statements and appeals to financial institutions, law enforcement and regulatory agencies of Western countries regarding Kremlin agents in the Ukrainian parliament.

We promise some surprises in the West for all Kremlin servants and oligarchs in the Ukrainian parliament.

7 years ago we managed to create real problems in the West for Viktor Yanukovych and his associates. Since then, the international legal tools for personal sanctions, visa bans, account blocking and criminal proceedings have expanded significantly.

We start with infamous Oleksandr Dubinsky and Viktor Medvedchuk.

If you have information about Western assets, travel / vacation to the EU, Switzerland, UK, US, education of children of Ukrainian MPs turned Kremlin agents, write to us at office@antac.org.ua. We guarantee that your information will create problems for the MP who are killing our dreams of building Europe in Ukraine.

The full list of MPs tainted with the pro-Kremlin decisions can be found on the website: visaban.antac.org.ua

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