Unsuccessful attempts to abolish e-declarations for anticorruption activists: Rada refused to consider President’s bills

On July 8 the President submitted to the Parliament two bills: the amendments to the Law on corruption prevention (reg.No 6674) aimed at cancelling the obligation for  anticorruption activists to submit asset e-declaration; and the amendments to the tax code (reg.No 6675) on tax reporting for the NGOs and entrepreneurs that receive money from international technical assistance (ITA).

For two times MPs failed to include the bills in the agenda – on July 11 and July 13, so their consideration in the best case scenario is postponed till September.

The President was ready to sign the bills and submit them to the Parliament last Friday, July 7, during an ad hoc meeting with the civil society representatives, organized by his Administration. Activists’ requests to get the text in advance were ignored, but even a shallow analysis at the very meeting showed a number of problematic provisions. Therefore Presidential Administration agreed to give activists a night to prepare and submit their proposals.

Most of AntAC’s proposals to the second bill No6675 were taken into account.

Nonetheless, the bill still includes some discriminatory provisions like obliging individual entrepreneurs who receive money directly from the donors to submit additional reports and introducing tough sanctions for non-submission or false statements, or imposing dubious reporting rules for the NGOs that leave loopholes for manipulations, which are to be corrected before the second reading. For more details please see our assessment

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