Truba refused 27 candidates for top positions in the SBI because of suspicion on treason and corruption

The Head of State Bureau of Investigations Roman Truba reported that he refused the selection panel to consider the issue of appointment of 27 people for top positions at the Bureau. He said about this at briefing on Tuesday.

According to him, some candidates are subjects of journalistic investigations and criminal proceedings. In particular, one of candidates is the subject of criminal proceeding regarding treason.

“Yes, I’m not mistaken, criminal proceeding regarding treason! The investigator appealed to the external selection panel to get some results. I do not know what was the answer,” – said Truba.

He added that there is also a candidate who, along with members of his family, is the subject of criminal proceeding regarding legalization of proceeds from crime.

“Another candidate is in close contact with representatives of separatists. There is also another fact that two candidates, who are cronies and who have started their career together, won a competition for top positions in the SBI. This is not a charge, but rather a remark,” said the Head of the Bureau.

He added that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau should also check property, acres of land and assets of these candidates for top positions in the SBI.

The Head of the SBI and public could have heard answers from the external selection panel regarding moral, professional and personal qualities, however there are no answers now because of destroyed results of the polygraph.

“The panel will not be responsible for this, as well as for other actions. The Law does not provide responsibility for this,” he said.

Truba added that he will be responsible for appointment or not appointment, as well as for all activities of the SBI, and that is why he has decided to refuse the consideration of issue of appointing 27 people for top positions.

He added that he has returned all requests to the selection panel, and he does not know what decision will be made in future since he does not have influence on external panel because it was formed by “political authorities”.

Truba stated that there is a draft law in Verkhovna Rada that partially solves issue of appointing candidates for leading positions and role of SBI’s Head in it.

The Head of Bureau added that in September he would do everything possible to ensure that Parliament would approve this draft law. However, he said that he had doubts that such decision would be positive.

“The State Bureau of Investigations will start its work soon. Nonappointment of heads of territorial departments and structural units of central department will not be the barrier for SBI’s launch,” said Truba. “Therefore, my third decision is: I appoint to positions of deputy heads of territorial departments those candidates who won the competition and who had already undergone my special examination. I appoint acting heads of structural units of central department,” he said.

According to him, deputy heads of territorial departments have already been selected, and winners have been determined – and their documents are already on his desk.

“They will be appointed the other day. 7 territorial departments will start their work,” – said Truba.

In his opinion, it does not matter when the SBI will start its work. It is important that professionals will do their job.

“In fact, we have already started our work as state authority. Last week, first winners of competition were hired. Yes, there are 50 persons. This is not much for functioning of such an institution. But this is the first step that shows that we are working as state authority,”- said the Head of the SBI.

“To work as a law enforcement agency – to start first criminal proceedings – we will only be able when investigation units of territorial departments are formed,” he added.

“The Competition for territorial departments takes much more time, but there are 455 positions and 1,500 people who are currently interviewed. Seven minutes, as external (selection) panel have done before, are not enough to identify the candidate for investigator’s position,” – said Truba.

He was outraged that the external panel had been choosing not only the Head of the SBI and his deputies, but also 170 persons of management team: “These are people whom I do not know, but I will be responsible for them.”

Earlier Roman Truba reported that the selection panel, which selected 27 candidates for top positions in the State Bureau of Investigations, destroyed winners’ polygraph results of competition.

On July 18, the selection panel shortlisted 27 candidates for top positions in the State Bureau of Investigations. Many of approved officials were henchmen of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Deputy Head of the National Police Ihor Kupranz.

Press service of the SBI previously reported that they had not received information about candidates and they had not been in touch. The Bureau did not even have phone numbers of candidates.

In particular, the panel selected officials from 436 candidates for leading positions in the SBI: heads of seven territorial departments of authority, heads of departments of central authority and employees of departments of internal control of the Bureau.

The panel consisted of 9 people: 3 representatives from the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the President Petro Poroshenko.

From the Verkhovna Rada – Members of Parliament Vladyslav Bukharev (“Batkivshchyna”), Yevhen Deydey (“Narodnyi Front”), Mykola Palamarchuk (“Petro Poroshenko Bloc”).

From the President – two Professors of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Roman Maydanyk (Head of Commission) and Viktor Samokhvalov, and also Tetyana Slipachuk, partner of law firm Sayenko Kharenko.

From the Cabinet of Ministers – Assistant Professor at Khmelnytskyi University Denys Monastyrskyi, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Tetyana Kovalchuk, First Deputy Minister of Justice (secretary of Commission) Nataliya Sevastyanova.

In April, the Head of the SBI Roman Truba reported that the launch of Bureau was delayed.  As it was reported, from March 2 to April 2 the SBI was receiving documents for the competition. 685 applicants submitted applications for 27 top positions in the SBI. It was also noted that more than 40% of applicants for top positions in the State Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine are representatives of current law enforcement agencies.


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