The Verkhovna Rada voted for the dismissal of Truba and transfer of investigators of Maidan cases to the SBI

Today, the Verkhovna Rada supported the restart the State Bureau of Investigation by 250 votes. According to the draft law, current director of the SBI Roman Truba and his deputies are dismissed. Members of Parliament agreed to transfer investigators from the Prosecutor General’s Office to the SBI to continue investigating crimes that had been committed during the Revolution of Dignity.

Members of Parliament agreed on the structure of the Competition Committee, which will select the new head of the SBI. There will be: 3 members from the Verkhovna Rada, 3 members from the President and 3 members from the Cabinet of Ministers. The quota of the Cabinet of Ministers will be delegated to international organizations.

«International experts will not have the decisive vote if they there are only 3 persons out of 9. However, the success of participation of international experts in the selection of judges to the Anti-Corruption Court was precisely thanks to the opportunity to have the decisive influence. International experts did not receive such influence during the selection of the head of the SBI”, comments Olena Shcherban, the Board Member of the Anti-Corruption Action Center.

Members of Parliament voted for another important amendment concerning investigators that investigate the Maidan case.

As of November 20, the Prosecutor General’s Office lost the power to investigate criminal proceedings, and therefore all cases on crimes against activists of the Revolution of Dignity had to be transferred to the SBI.

The Parliament did not have time to vote for the entire draft law on November 15, despite demands of victims of Maidan cases, their attorneys and public. It did not make amendments to the law on the SBI foreseeing that investigators from the PGO, the police, the Security Service, as well as prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office, who investigated these cases could be transferred to the respective department of the SBI without formal competition. The attorney of families of the Heavenly Hundred Yevheniya Zakrevska started the hunger-strike on November 22 because of this.

In the end, they managed to fix it on December 3. The investigation of Maidan crimes with investigators who had led it from the beginning will be continued in the SBI.

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