The PGO Criminal Case Against Roman Vasylyshyn, Former Deputy Minister of Health, Collapsed in Court

On May 19, 2017 Pecherskiy district court of Kyiv refused to hear a case against former deputy minister of health Roman Vasylyshyn.

The reason is that pretrial investigation of alleged bribery of the top official was conducted by the Prosecutor’s General Office in violation of the rules of investigative jurisdiction.

Roman Vasylyshyn was arrested by PGO in July 2016 for allegedly taking bribes for employing people at the positions to the state hospitals. However,  PGO directly violated the rules of investigative jurisdiction, according to which corruption crimes of top officials, including deputy minister, are under exclusive investigative jurisdiction of NABU.

In September 2016 High court on civil and criminal matters issued an opinion stating that a court may disregard any evidence collected with violation of the rules of investigative jurisdiction. As a result, the case against Mr. Vasylyshyn is left without any judicial perspective.

PGO is investigating a number of other cases that fall under investigative jurisdiction of NABU, including member of the High Council of Justice Mr. Hrechkivskiy   and former governor of Mykolaiv region Mr. Romanchyk. Taking into account the  above mentioned decisions, perspective of bringing these people to liability for facts investigated by PGO is close to zero.

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