The court seized $300,000 hidden by Nasirov

Today, on February 14, Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv held the regular hearing regarding charges against former head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov and director of the Debt Repayment Department of the Service Volodymyr Novikov. The panel of judges considered the appeal of SAPO prosecutor Andriy Perov regarding seizure of Nasirov’s $300,000, which are placed on his account in the bank of Great Britain.

As it is known, on February 7, the prosecutor Perov filed the appeal regarding seizure of $300,000 in Great Britain. This money was discovered within the framework of financial monitoring, during which examination of suspicious transaction with the participation of Nasirov was conducted.

According to Perov, the law enforcement bodies of Great Britain within the framework of financial monitoring blocked this money for a while and sent the appeal to NABU in order to resolve the issue regarding their seizure.

In its turn, Nasirov’s defense party denied satisfaction of the appeal. Attorneys stated that the financial institution in which Nasirov had opened the account was not the financial institution according to the law of our country. The defense party stated that this was the broker institution and the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine foresees seizure in banks or financial institutions.

Also, attorneys stressed that, in their opinion, Nasirov’s money is not placed on his account in the common sense. The defense party stated that there was no accurate balance of the account since the British had indicated the approximate amount. Moreover, attorneys drew attention to not corresponding seal and signature on the British document.

Nasirov stated that it was not money, but some kind of contract concluded before 2015.

SAPO prosecutor Perov stressed that the institution, where Nasirov’s money was placed, was financial according to the law of Great Britain. Former head of the State Fiscal Service opened the account by depositing cash in 2015.

We should remind that Roman Nasirov is accused of abuse of office due to providing illegal installments for paying taxes to companies related with the fugitive MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko. As the result of Nasirov’s decisions, the state suffered losses in the total amount of more than 2 billion UAH (approximately $70 million).

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