The composition of the Ethics Council, which will clean up the High Council of Justice, is known

The High Council of Justice did not form the Ethics Council in time, but in this case the law provides for automatic establishment. The Ethics Council consists of 6 members, namely, 3 Ukrainian judges and 3 international experts, including the retired judge of the UK Court of Appeal Sir Anthony Hooper, who participated in the formation of the High Anti-Corruption Court.

The High Council of Justice had time to form the Ethics Council until November 8, but it missed the deadline. In this case, the law provides for the automatic establishment of the Ethics Council, which includes the first 3 persons from the lists nominated by the Council of Judges and international organizations that provide assistance to Ukraine in the field of judicial reform and anti-corruption.

Thus, the Ethics Council consists of: 

  • Lev Kyshakevych, the judge of the Criminal Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court;
  • Yuriy Tryasun, the judge of Kyiv Court of Appeal;
  • Volodymyr Siverin, the retired judge of the Eastern Economic Court of Appeal;
  • Robert Cordy, the retired judge of Massachusetts Supreme Court;
  • Sir Anthony Hooper, the retired judge of the Court of Appeal;
  • Lavly Perling, former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Estonia.

“The launch of the Ethics Council is one of the most important stages of the judicial reform. Because this body will be able to clean up the High Council of Justice, which has been blocking changes in the system with all its might. Today, the only threat to the reform is the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, which has already opened proceedings on the constitutionality of the reform. The reform of the CCU is a logical continuation of cleansing of the judiciary”, the AntAC’s expert Halyna Chyzhyk commented.

The Ethics Council will evaluate the integrity of all candidates to the HCJ, regardless of appointment body, namely judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc. The appointing entities themselves will consider only those candidates who have successfully passed the examination of the Ethics Council. In addition, the Ethics Council will assess the integrity of current members of the HCJ and may initiate their dismissal.

No decision of the Ethics Council will be considered adopted unless at least two international experts have voted for it, and in case of equal distribution of votes, the vote of two international experts will prevail and be considered the decisive.

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