The Cabinet of Ministers Started Interviews with Candidates for NABU Auditors

On Wednesday, May 17 special commission within the Cabinet of Ministers started interviews with candidates for NABU external auditor.

The interviews are closed from public and were announced a day after they actually began. Foreign candidates were informed by the Cabinet of Ministers less than a day in advance of the interviews.

Cabinet was supposed to interview 16 candidates, including those nominated by the Reanimation Package of Reforms and AntAC, specifically:

  • Carlos Castresana, spanish prosecutor and former head of Commission on Impunity in Guatemala
  • Giovanni Kessler, italian prosecutor and current director of EU Anti-fraud agency (OLAF)
  • Martha Boersch, american prosecutor, who has prosecuted  in the United States former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Pavlo Lazarenko for money laundering and corruption.

Another strong candidate considered by the Cabinet of Ministers is Robert Storch, current deputy Inspector General of the US Ministry of Justice. Mr. Storch has years of experience in auditing FBI and investigating FBI agents.

Mr. Storch already was considered by the parliament, who has to nominate another one NABU auditor. While Mr. Storch was anonymously preselected by the Rada anti-corruption committee back in December 2016 as a result of public competition, parliament shamelessly in violation of the rules of the procedure failed to vote for him. Now the anti-corruption committee is conducting a new public competition for the candidate for NABU auditor, however, on Wednesday May 17 the committee didn’t have quorum to decide on the issue.

More information is available in our publication in Ukrainian.

Editors Notes:

The law of Ukraine on NABU prescribes conduction of annual external audit for NABU. The audit has to be conducted by 3 auditors – one appointed by Verkhovna Rada, one by President, one by Cabinet of Ministers.

The law sets up requirements for NABU auditor, namely they should “have significant experience in pretrial investigation agencies, prosecution, courts abroad or in international organizations, possess proper knowledge and skills for conducting of such an audit and have excellent professional reputation”.

The negative conclusion of the audit is a legal ground for a dismissal of  NABU director. It is expected that the audit will be conducted by August 2017.

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