Supreme Court Selection: Updates

The High Council of Justice does not start consideration of the list of candidates, offered by the High Qualification Commission for appointment as Supreme Court judges.

As was reported before, 30 out of 120 recommended candidates possess unjustified assets or were engaged in cases recognized as political persecution or violated human rights as confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights.

The High Qualification Commission of Judges failed to publish justification of final scores based on which it recommended candidates for appointment.

The Commission refused to give this information upon public requests under the pretext that such an information may only be given to a candidate himself. However, the Commission forwarded scores of the candidates to administrative staff of the courts where such candidates work, which obviously did not ensure confidentiality of information. Some of the candidates published results of the assessment the HQCJ provided: the Commission did not give any justification for the scores it gave the candidates for the criteria of integrity and professional ethics.

In the meantime, almost 40 lawsuits are filed by the candidates regarding possible violations in the course of the competition.

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