Supreme Court Selection: Update

On July 17 the High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) finished considering the negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council regarding the Supreme Court candidates.

The HQCJ has overruled 66% of the opinions.

In total, 116 opinions were presented to the HQCJ out of whom they greenlighted 76 candidates as the ones capable to deliver justice.

The HQCJ supported 26 negative opinions, 8 candidates withdrawn from the competition voluntarily, 6 opinions were cancelled by the PIC after receiving additional explanations from the candidates.

Further steps of the HQCJ include assessing each candidate’s integrity and forming of the final rating of the Supreme Court candidates out of 319 persons, who passed the final stage of the competition.

In the meantime, civic campaign Chesno: Filter the Judiciary! released a list of candidates that should not be appointed as judges of the new Supreme Court.

The list includes 21 judges who adopted decision that violated human rights (as confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights); demonstrate obvious mismatch between declared income and assets/expenditures;  indicated false information in declaration of integrity; adopted decisions that prohibited peaceful protests.

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