Selective approach of SAP in investigation of corruption cases in healthcare sector

Recent decision of the specialized anti-corruption prosecution to close the criminal case against Svyatoslav Protas, chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine – unwarranted.

Mr. Protas was caught on bribe by NABU back in June 2016. On March 2017 SAP decided to close the case. Such a decision was contested by NABU to Prosecutor General Lutsenko, who supported the position of SAP.

This could be compared with reluctance of SAPO to move forward with another recent criminal case against senior officials of the Ministry of Healthcare and Ulyana Suprun.

This investigation was triggered by SAP based on publication of false statement at unreliable media, which later even deleted the publication. 

Criminal proceedings was opened on 27 February ин Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor on his own initiative – on suspicion of misuse of UAH 4 bn. In the extract from the criminal proceedings indicated that the reason is “self-identification by the Prosecutor of a criminal offense”.

On 30 March NABU detectives closed this criminal proceedings. The Bureau noted that the online publication at called “Suprun transferred to the banks the billions earmarked for drugs”, which became the basis for the criminal proceedings, is missing on the website.

As reported, in early 2016, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine started to check-up of procurement in the Ministry of health. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko told journalists that National Police and the Prosecutor General’s office will review the procurement for 2016, as the see signs of abuse in the procurement of medicines in 2016 by team of the Ministry of health under the leadership of Alexander Kvitashvili.

As a result Prosecutor General’s office closed the investigation on international procurement of medicines for the state budget funds, said the acting Minister of health Suprun.

“Last week I spoke to the Prosecutor General’s office Yuriy Lutsenko. He showed me a document which stated that the Prosecutor General’s office has no claims nor to the Ministry of health, nor to international organizations concerning procurement and that in the Ministry of health there is no corruption,” told Minister Suprun to reporters.

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