SAPO’s head selection process: independent experts announced their scores. We are revealing Bankova’s plan to falsify the competition

Part of the Selection Commission of the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office appointed by the Council of Prosecutors of Ukraine published scores for a practical task performed by two finalist candidates – Oleksandr Klymenko and Andriy Syniuk. According to the AntAC, members of the commission, controlled by the Deputy Head of the President’s Office Oleg Tatarov, are preparing to falsify their scores.

The scores given to the two contestants Oleksandr Klymenko and Andriy Sinyuk by threee international experts and one Ukrainian expert of the Commission are almost indistinguishable from the independent assessment of the DEJURE Foundation and NaUKMA.

The candidates took the practical test on October 28, so the Commission has not published its final results for more than a month. The Commission approved detailed instructions for evaluating this practical task. This instruction, together with the works of the finalists, was published on the PGO’s website. However, recently Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova removed this entire section of the PGO’s website to hide this instruction, forgetting about Google’s cache, where this information remained.

Moreover, a meeting of the Selection Commission was scheduled for December 2, but it did not take place. Roman Kuibida, one of the members of the Selection Commission, announced that the competition was delayed and announced the scores: “Given the unexpected and unjustified cancellation of the meeting of the Selection Commission for the selection of head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which was to announce the scores of candidates for the practical task, the members of the Commissions from the Council of Prosecutors decided to publish their scores. It is likely that the meeting was again cancelled to prevent this from happening. Here are our scores.

  • Oleksandra Klymenko: Drago Kos – 18; Nona Tsotsoriya – 19.5; Thomas Firestone – 19.5; Kuibida – 18.5.
  • Andriy Sinyuk: Drago Kos – 10.5; Nona Tsotsoriya – 10.5; Thomas Firestone – 9; Kuibida – 12.5.

In turn, the commission has not yet scheduled an interview for the two finalists, which delays the selection process.

“According to our information, Tatarov is preparing a large-scale falsification of scores for a practical task by members of commission from the Verkhovna Rada. That is why their scores are still unknown. Yesterday’s fake rally outside the President’s Office, organized by Tatarov, proves that he will not allow Klymenko, who is obviously the leader of the competition, to win, ” Vitaliy Shabunin, Head of Board of AntAC, said.

We are publishing an infographic on how the representatives of the commission controlled by Tatarov will falsify the points of the practical task, taking into account the assessments published by experts yesterday. We hope that one of the members of the commission from the Verkhovna Rada Viacheslav Navrotskyi will not falsify the points, so we mark them on the chart within the estimates of independent experts: the DEJURE Foundation and NaUKMA.

We would like to remind that on December 1, in front of the Office of President there was a paid rally which demanded Zelenskyi to appoint Oleksandr Klymenko as the head of SAPO. The participants of the rally did not even understand who he was, and were convinced that Klymenko worked in the Office of President. Later it became known that this provocation was organized by Tatarov’s subordinate.

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