Adviser to Stefanchuk and professors of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: whom Servants of the People see in the Commission on SAPO’s head selection

The party Servant of the People submitted candidates to the composition of the Selection Commission on the selection of the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO), as well as his deputies and other heads of departments.

Larysa Udalova, Yevhen Sobolev, Vyacheslav Navrotskyi, Vitaliy Kuts, Mykola Khavroniuk, Oleksiy Drozd and Oleksandr Gladun are delegated.

Oleksandr Gladun

Oleksandr Gladun works as the head of the Department of scientific and methodological support of participation of prosecutors in criminal proceedings of the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. He is also the adviser to the First Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk, the latter received compensation for housing while renting the apartment from his wife’s mother. After publication of this information, Stefanchuk promised to return funds to the state.

Oleksiy Drozd

Oleksiy Drozd works as the head of the Doctoral and Adjunct Department of the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In his declaration, he indicates the purchase of the land plot with the total area of 0.24 hectares worth 49.594 UAH in the village Khotiv, Kyiv region, in 2017, although the market value of the land plot may be much higher. Also in 2018, his wife bought Volkswagen Golf (manufactured in 2015 ) worth 179,000 UAH. Today, the cost of the used car of the same brand ranges from 265,000 UAH to 415,000 UAH.

Also, the candidate indicates that lives in the apartment which belongs to his father Yuriy Drozd, former deputy head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirovograd region, and today he is an entrepreneur working on fire safety issues. Today, Yuriy Drozd is the co-owner of APS-Kyiv LLC and APS-Kirovohrad LLC, which provide services regarding installation of fire detection systems and servicing fire extinguishers. These companies win state tenders. Thus, APS-Kyiv LLC received over 22 million UAH from the state in 2018 and 2019, when it had signed contracts for 7.1 and 8 million UAH, respectively. APS Kirovograd LLC received more than 8 million UAH from the state, (it received the biggest amount in 2018, namely over 3 million UAH). Other co-owners are the family of former head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kirovograd Oleksandr Adamovych. Previously, he also owned the shares in Technogenna Bezpeka LLC. Today, he is only its head.

Kuts Vitaliy Mykolayovych

Vitaliy Kuts is the Vice-Rector for Research at the National Academy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. In 2016, his wife Trynyova Yana indicated in the declaration of the candidate for the position that she was registered and lived in the village of Chayky. However, she does not indicate any real estate at this address. Although, according to the State Register of Real Property Rights, Kuts became the owner of an apartment in the village Chayky in December 2015.

Larysa Udalova

Larysa Udalova, the director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the head of the Criminal Procedure Department of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, is one of the founders of the NGO All-Ukrainian Association of Scientists and Specialists in the Field of Operative-Search Activity.

We should remind that the 5-year term for which the head of SAPO Nazar Kholodnytskyi was appointed comes to the end in November 2020.

The Competition Commission consists of 11 people. Namely: 4 representatives of previously appointed by the Council of Prosecutors and 7 delegates of the Verkhovna Rada. Members of the Commission may be persons with impeccable business reputation, professional and moral qualities, who have public authority. Significant experience in the field of anti-corruption is also required. However, it is unknown whether Servants of the People examined the compliance of selected candidates with the criteria of the law.

The law prohibits civil servants, officials who hold political positions, Members of Parliament and party members, military and law enforcement officers to be part of the Commission.

The Verkhovna Rada must appoint its representatives to the Commission within 3 months from the selection of representatives by the Council of Prosecutors, namely until September 4. Next, the candidates, who were nominated by all factions, must be selected by the Verkhovna Rada by rating voting. If the Parliament does not select anyone by then, the Commission will include only 4 members from the Council of Prosecutors.

After selecting the winner of the competition for the position of the head of the SAPO, the Commission nominates this candidate for appointment to the Prosecutor General. The same Commission also selects candidates for administrative positions in the SAPO. Today, the position of the deputy head of the SAPO is also vacant.

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