SAPO’s head Selection Commission resumes its work

On September 27, the Selection Commission of the SAPO head made the step towards unblocking the competition. They appointed the date of next stage (practical task) and approved its procedure. 

The task will be completed by two finalists on October 9. The practical task is the penultimate stage of the competition. It will be followed by the interview regarding professional competence. Candidates receive points for both stages and in the end the one who has the highest number of points will become the head of the SAPO, and the other one will be his deputy.

This is important step forward, but this is not victory yet. Although members controlled by Tatarov unblocked the competition, they tried to program its further failure. In particular, Gudzhal (delegated by the Opposition Platform For Life) demanded the establishment of passing score (in the middle of competition!), in order to start the competition from the beginning by lowering scores to finalists. Also, they demanded to show them practical tasks in advance. This put their leakage at risk.

It is obvious that such proposals did not find support among independent members of the commission. What’s next? There are many scenarios of failure or influence on the process. For instance, through the KDAC.

The next checkpoint is October 9. However, the competition can be stalled at any moment once again. To do this, controlled members of the commission have to disrupt the quorum again.

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