Prosecutor General Announced Recovery of $500 000

On June 15 Yuri Lutsenko informed that $500 000 will be recovered soon from abroad to Ukraine.

He explained that these are assets allegedly embezzled by the Ministry of Justice during Yanukovych presidency.

Ministry of Justice officials allegedly transferred the funds to the accounts of foreign company for providing fictitious services. Prosecutor General informed that the recovery was possible because of joint close cooperation between his agency’s international department and the US Department of Justice.

AntAC welcomes such achievements of the PG in asset recovery work, but to assess them unbiasedly and professionally calls Mr. Lutsenko to provide more details about assets he claims to be recovered.

Specifically, we urge PGO to unveil access to the court decision on confiscation of $1.5 bln of alleged Yanukovych assets in bonds. The recovery was reported back in May 2017, but the court decision is still not available.

In addition, Mr. Lutsenko reported back in February 2017, that his agency recovered 10 bln UAH during 2016. Journalists from Nashi Groshi analyzed all court decisions PG was referring to and were not able to confirm such a results. Moreover, Nashi Groshi prepared a detailed analysis of problems in such asset recovery statistics.

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