Recovering of Proceeds of Corruption in Ukraine: What is Lacking? – report

Repatriation of corrupt assets to the state ownership and their subsequent transparent and effective use for social purposes is a powerful preventive mechanism against major political corruption, able to overcome impunity of high officials in power and implement the principle of inevitability of punishment for corruption offenses.

Besides imprisonment of corrupt official, the obligatory punishment should be confiscation of the assets obtained from criminal activity.

Anti-Corruption Action Centre expers has analyzed of current Ukrainian legal mechanisms and practices of ownership restrictions of corrupt assets and their confiscation

The aim of analysis – to identify the key issues and describe the challenges that arise during the implementation of an effective legal model of search, seizure and return of corrupt assets within the state and abroad.

Stages of assets recovery

List of Government agencies who search, seizure, confiscate and manage corrupt assets

Description of assets of Mezhyhirya

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