Plenum of Supreme Court delayed attack on judicial reform

On September 17, the Plenum of the Supreme Court took place. Judges discussed the appeal to the CCU regarding cancelation of the judicial reform. There is an intermediate positive result. The appeal was not sent, so it is still possible to save the judicial reform.

The common tough stance of Ukrainian society, politicians and the Western allies, as well as monitoring of the situation by independent media, thwarted the plan to send the appeal today. This issue was postponed to October 8.

But it is well known that judges of the Supreme Court will not stop.

We would like to quote words of the Chairman of the Supreme Council and member of the HCJ Valentyna Danishevska at the Plenum:

“Then (after meeting at the PO) I met with Mr. Yermak. He listened, understood, even added some more concerns to mine that were related to the loss of authority of the HCJ and suggested that we would return to this issue at the Presidential Office. He assured that he didn’t want to be left without judges. He said that in order to have positive results, he didn’t exclude options that amendments should be made to the law”.

Such rhetoric is the trap for Zelenskyi, who personally promised justice to Ukrainians and is the author of the Law on Judicial Reform. It is also the disregard of international partners, who have already delegated their representatives to the Ethics Council, which has to clean up the viper’s nest of the HCJ.

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