PGO claims former associate of Yanukovych laundered 788 million USD from Ukraine

On July 14 chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios informed that Oleksandr Klymenko, former head of Ministry of Tax of Ukraine and close associated of Yanukovych, has laundered from Ukraine 788 million USD.

The funds allegedly were stolen from the state in 2011-2014 and then placed to the offshore accounts of companies registered at Cyprus and BVI, which were controlled by the father of Mr. Klymenko. Afterwards, the funds were returned to Ukraine as “investments” to the UNISON group of companies, allegedly the key corporate structure of Klymenko dirty business empire.

Within the course of criminal investigation PGO seized in June-July 2017 dozens of elite apartments in Kyiv, office buildings, houses, land plots and a thousand of railcars. Prosecutor Matios also publicly urged Liechtenstein to cooperate with Ukrainian PGO in order to seize and recover assets of Klymenko placed abroad.

Back on May 2017 PGO issued a notification of suspicion to Mr. Klymenko for participation in organized criminal group and abuse of power.

AntAC is closely following the course of the investigation and, specifically, the situation with asset recovery perspectives of this case. PGO claims that Klymenko criminal activities caused to the state of Ukraine losses worth of 96 billion UAH.

Oleksandr Klymenko is under personal assets freeze sanctions of the EU, he is residing in Russia since Spring 2014 to avoid criminal liability.

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