Pashynskyi’s Committee did not want to consider amendments to strip the SBU of the part of uncharacteristic functions

The Committee on National Security and Defence of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, chaired by Serhii Pashynskyi refused to consider amendments to the draft law no. 8068 “On National Security and Defence” which would allow for stripping the SBU of the counterintelligence activity functions in the field of economy and corruption counteraction.

The respective amendments were submitted by MP Hanna Hopko. If they are passed, the SSU loses means to carry on the tasks of counterintelligence in the field of economy and investigative activities in the field of economy and corruption fight.

All in all, 427 amendments were proposed to the draft law; 311 of them were rejected by the Committee.

Despite the demand of Hanna Hopko to put amendments on stripping the SBU of functions for consideration and voting in the Committee, Serhii Pashynskyi, Head of the Committee, did not do it. The text proposed for voting was distributed to the MPs a few hours prior to the procedure.

These are the functions the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine currently abuse for their own enrichment and fight against business competitors.

“Unfortunately, the committee did not consider any amendment per se, basically supporting the text of the draft law for the second reading, in which my amendments regarding the SBU reform were rejected. But I am calling on every MP and every leader of the faction who want to put an end to corruption and illegal interference in business​es​ from the side of the SBU, to support on Thursday these amendments at the plenary hall,​”​​ ​said Hanna Hopko.

According to the official report by the Security Service of Ukraine on the number of cases filed to the court, 1 of 4 criminal proceedings investigated by the SSU do not fall under their jurisdiction.

Out of 889 cases filed to the court, about 200 should have been investigated by a different law enforcement body. Meanwhile, 2016, the 3rd year of the war, saw 0 cases of espionage (Article 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) filed to the court by the SSU.

The Verkhovna Rada has to start consideration of the draft law at its session on Wednesday, June 20.

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