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Activists presented a register of dumped cases and demand restart of SAPO
ANNOUNCEMENT – The AntAC presents a register of dumped cases by the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office
“Blazing fast” – the court regarding Martynenko’s case against AntAC has already moved to parties’ debates
Martynenko demands the AntAC to remove public references regarding his corruption cases in court
What NGOs can do to reduce opportunities for kleptocrats to launder proceeds of corruption: Case study from Ukraine
What NGOs can do to reduce opportunities for kleptocrats to launder proceeds of corruption
“Your noble silence is killing us” – fifty non-governmental organizations demand Poroshenko to admit repressions against activists in Ukraine and convene the National Security and Defense Council
Solomyanskyi court is compelled to consider AntAC’s appeal regarding closure of the “case backpacks”
AntAC Head of Board Vitaliy Shabunin Got A Corrosive Burn Of Both Eyes
Activists will bring a backpack for Kholodnytskyi to pack his stuff
The Anti-Corruption Action Center appeals the decision of the Supreme Court in case of appointment Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor
The court rejected Demchyna’s lawsuit against Shabunin
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