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The Government of Ukraine failed to secure independent and effective composition of the NACP
Anti-corruption organizations demand Prosecutor General to replace Sevruk with Kessler
Parliament adopted number of anti-corruption bills
Civil Society and the Members of Parliament Presented Candidates to the Selection Commission on Anti-Corruption Prosecutor
The Selection Committee Has Not Yet Chosen the Head of Detectives for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau
AnTAC’s Representatives Were Selected to the National Anticorruption Bureau’s Council of Public Control
Government of Ukraine manipulated composition of the panel that will select members of the National Corruption Prevention Agency
Poroshenko attempts to control anti-corruption investigation and prosecution
Parliament Lifted Immunity from the Ukrainian MP Serhiy Klyuyev
AntAC Welcomes Changes to NABU Law, but Warns on Last-Minute Flaws
Oleksandr Yankovych Assets
Victor Yanukovych Assets
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