NACP Officially Confirms Tough Rules of the E-Declarations for Anticorruption Activists

While the Rada fails to include in its plenary agenda President’s bills aimed at abolishing e-declarations for anticorruption activists, the NACP issues a legal opinion that confirms worst fears of the activists.

Thus, the NACP may consider as potential declarants people who participated in the trainings conducted at the expense of the anticorruption project, as well as those who happen to receive from third parties the money from anticorruption projects of the international technical assistance.

It is absolutely not clear how the NACP will track the violators, since the law obliges all such persons to decide individually whether they are subjects to e-declaration. Such a collision will end up with potential declarants not knowing about their obligation and being persecuted by the NACP.

For more details please see NACP’s legal opinion (in Ukrainian).

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