Mr. Pynzenyk requested to shut down AntAC as a non-profit organization

Today, May 23, Pavlo Pynzenyk, MP from Narodnyi Front has presented in parliament a video about alleged embezzlement and laundering of international technical assistance funds by the Anti-corruption Action Centre.  

Mr. Pynzenyk disseminated lies about AntAC and requested State Fiscal Service and Prosecution General Office to shut down AntAC as a non-profit organization.

Misleading claims of the representative of Narodnyi Front regarding the size of salaries of AntAC’s executive board members are false. Mr. Pynzenyk’s allegations that our organization has been siphoning off money using private entrepreneurs is a blatant lie. AntAC is preparing a lawsuit against Mr. Pynzenyk for dissemination of false statements.

The claims can be easily refuted by financial statements of AntAC, which are regularly reported to the State Fiscal Service and donor organizations. Moreover, AntAC undergoes annual financial audit and publishes reports about its activities and funding.

Presentation of such a movie in the parliament is a political persecution of AntAC and its members, who a vocal and critical to the authorities. The only purpose of it is to discredit the AntAC and to justify future attacks of tax and law enforcement authorities on the organization.

It is a already forth manipulative and discreditation documentary published about AntAC and its team members within the last two months.

A year ago, in March 2016 the Prosecutor General Office has already  triggered  illegally criminal investigation against AntAC for alleged embezzlement of funds from the US Embassy aimed at the reform of the Prosecution in Ukraine.  US Embassy refuted the accusations by official statement. The case was closed, however no one within PGO was punished for abuse of office.

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