MP from the “Blok Petra Poroshenka” and Lozhkin’s Advisor Came Up in the “Hardware Case” of Embezzlement at Railway Investigated by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Detectives of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) suspect MP Valeriy Ishchenko (“Blok Petra Poroshenka”) and Mykhailo Beilin (former non-staff advisor of the head of the President’s Administration) of involvement in embezzlement of “Ukrzaliznytsia” railway service state funds through tenders. It was stated in the decision of Solomianskyi District Court of Kyiv of June 27, 2017 on the criminal proceeding No. 52016000000000001, according to the newspaper “Slovo i Dilo”.

The newspaper reported the defendants’ names referring to their sources in law-enforcement. According to this source, there is no direct evidence against the aforementioned persons now.

In the court decision the following is stated:

“It was determined that aid and assistance to Person No. 3 in committing criminal offences was provided by their business partner – MP Person No. 9 and former on-staff advisor of the chief of the President’s Administration Person No. 10. Thus, Person No. 9, being a business partner of Person No. 3, financed the crime in 2015 and entered into a high-level criminal conspiracy with Person No. 10, who was supervising Ukrainian Railway activities; and, due to this conspiracy, ordered the then-director of the state company “Ukrzaliznychpostach” to ensure “Inkomm” LLC winning the tender”, – says the detective of the Bureau in the motion.

According to the investigation, the said MP was controlling a group of companies, one of which was “Solar-Sky” LLC. The company employed the following scheme: they transferred over 27 million UAH as an interest-free financial aid to an unknown person controlling “Inkomm” LLC. These funds were used by “Inkomm” in order to make a prepayment to Druzhkivka hardware plant “Druzhkivskyi Zavod Metalevykh Vyrobiv” Private JSC on hardware goods which would later be supplied to the state company “Ukrzalizpostach” at inflated prices.

“The MP also entered into a conspiracy with the CFO of the controlled group of companies person No. 11, who, in order to prepare for committing the crimes, to coordinate the criminal actions and solve the arising criminal issues, kept in constant contact with person No. 4, CFO of the group of companies controlled by the person No. 3, with whom he coordinated financial matters of committing crimes, object to be seized, distribution of criminally acquired funds and also criminally exploited his acquaintances in “Ukrzaliznytsia”, – according to the NABU.

In their request to the court, the Bureau’s detective asked for access to the information on this MP’s mobile phone connections with “Solar-Sky” LLC director and one other person investigated in the proceedings. The court sustained the motion of the NABU and gave them access to personal items and documents.

It should be noted that Valeriy Ishchenko was part of one of the first corruption scandals in the post-Maidan Ukraine. His assistant and manager Hryhoriy Yaroshenko was then a kind of “new customs overseer” and tried to collect financial tribute in several regions. Sviatoslav Oliynyk, deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk regional administration, then blew the whistle on him. The Security Service of Ukraine then started a criminal case against Mr. Yaroshenko, which, however, did not result in anything. In the context of this case journalist Yuriy Butusov reported on business connections and camaraderie of Mr. Ishchenko and MP Artur Palatnyi of “Blok Petra Poroshenka”. According to the journalist, Palatnyi allegedly discussed with Ishchenko the scandalous case of his assistant.

In the early 2017, the NABU and SAPO (Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office) brought to trial the case on 2015 procurement of hardware goods at inflated prices from the company “Inkomm”, involving several officials of “Ukrzaliznytsia”. The losses incurred by the state amounted to 20 million UAH. In the course of this proceeding, several people were arrested: then chief of the state company “Ukrzaliznychpostach” Yevhen Khoroshchak, his deputy and head of the tender committee Roman Kravchuk, chief of the railway superstructure department Andriy Stepanenko and two members of the “Inkomm” group. Now Stepanenko is back occupying the position he was suspended from during the investigation. The case is being unduly prolonged in court because of the delay of the defense and judges.


Among the documents that the Solomianskyi district court allowed to arrest on June 27 in the course of the proceeding, there are documents linked to the scandalous construction of the trade center directly above “Heroiv Dnipra” station of Kyiv Underground. They include:

  • “commercial offer No. 224 on design-project development of public accommodation of “Trade and Entertainment complex with underground commercial and service areas at the intersection of Obolonskyi Avenue and Heroiv Dnipra street in Obolonskyi district of Kyiv” No. 224 of June 12 2017” on 6 pages;
  • 2 pages A4, the first one carrying logo “Consulco Limited”, and in the box “Client” 5 names of legal entities were listed, on the second page – printed text – print-out of an e-mail message from (INFORMATION_1) to (INFPRMATION_3);
  • 3 sheets of paper with logo “ICF legal Service”, each of them containing notes by hand in the form of a chart of legal entities, opposite of each of them records of Income and Expenditure. Each of the said pages contains notes of “Soyuz Energo” organization;
  • sheet of paper with the cost of design-project development totaling 92340 USD with the signature on the behalf of Person_13;
  • Act of services acceptance of April 30, 2017 (3 pages), on Contract No. 52 of December 1, 2015. It is signed on behalf of PERSON_14 and PERSON_15;

Act of services acceptance (2 pages), on Contract No. of May 31, 2017. The bill is signed on behalf of PERSON_14 and PERSON_15;

  • cost estimate of the project works on construction of the trading complex at the intersection of Heroiv Dnipra street and Obolonskyi Avenue in Obolonskyi district of Kyiv. Road section. Working documents on 2 sheets;
  • contract for rendering of services No. 04/17 of April 4 2017 between General Freight Cargo Limited and Stonehenge Development Limited on performing general management of the project and its stages – development and transfer to the client of the project documents of the stage “Working documents” on the trade and entertainment complex at the intersection of the Obolonskyi Avenue and Heroiv Dnipra street on 19 pages;
  • sheet of paper with the title “Cost and Conditions” of performance of the work totaling “908500 UAH with VAT”;
  • contract for rendering of services No. 39 Gib of June 1, 2016 between Credit Invest Alliance and Stonehenge Development Limited on performing general management of the project and its stages – development and transfer to the client of the project documents of the stage “Working documents” on the trade and entertainment complex at the intersection of the Obolonskyi Avenue and Heroiv Dnipra street on 19 pages.

Sept. 22, Nashi Groshi

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