Kholodnytskyi’s “dear friends”: who defended Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

There are things essence of which is obvious to everyone, although sometimes society needs additional evidence.

For example, provocations in front of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and violence in NABU building, which took place on July 17.

The whole shadow of suspicion in their organization falls on the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Narodnyi Front. NABU directly accused the Ministry of Internal Affairs in organizing violence in their public reception.

We tried to collect evidence how Avakov’s allies tried to protect the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi and sabotage public activists’ action who came to the SAPO demanding the resignation of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

First attempts to identify these provocateurs showed that they have friendly relations with police, while their supervisors – personally with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ilya Kiva, former subordinate and ex-advisor of Avakov, led the counter-rally in front of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. He worked at the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the Head of the Department for countering drug-related crimes, and then went into politics.

Kiva had already covered Avakov junior, when he was arrested by NABU in the “case of backpacks”, and SAPO prosecutors were choosing a preventive measure in court.

Then Kiva and a dozen of young men dressed in camouflage, came to Solomyanskyi court to “demand and insist on legal assessment of actions of the son of the Minister of Internal Affairs in order to remove once and forever all assumptions regarding this far-fetched issue.”

Now Kiva’s “protection” is needed for Kholodnytskyi’ prosecutors who suddenly closed Avakov’s “case of backpacks”.

This time he brought to SAPO building whole “army” of paid elderly women who did not understand the essence of the event and requirements written on posters that they were holding.

Together with Kiva young sporty men brought cakes and men dressed in camouflage brought green antiseptic to the rally. In the video published by Kiva, you can see how criminal thugs, known as titushki, with cakes gather behind him, while he is giving extraordinary comments to journalists.

They were waiting for Shabunin’s arrival and attacked him as soon as he left the car and went to SAPO building.

On the same video we see the work of the Department of Communications of the National Police. These are girls and boys dressed in the uniform Dialogue Police.

Such departments are active in Ukraine since fall 2017. Their task is “to stop aggressive citizens not by force, but with the help of the word” and to prevent conflicts during mass events, they say in the National Police.

You can see in the video how the “warning” happens: girls dressed in the uniform have a nice conversation with young men, and one of them even takes the cake from provocateur, which he will throw into Shabunin few minutes later.

At the same time, ‘Dialogue’ staff constantly made comments to public activists and demanded to remove the car that blocked entrance of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

Herewith Dialogue Police did not make any comments to owners of other cars that blocked traffic on the street.

This is not the only example of selective behavior of the police and passivity during provocations.

So, they tried to detain people, who poured green antiseptic into Shabunin’s eyes, only after Vitaliy loudly demanded police to catch attackers and tried to catch them himself.

Rostyslav Fedorko, activist of Dmytro Korchynskyi Brotherhood, poured green antiseptic at Shabunin. According to the media, Fedorko was in agitator’s team during the election campaign of Ilya Kiva when the latter ran for the Parliament.

Here in the photo to the right – he goes behind Shabunin, as soon as he appears near SAPO building, and carries something in his hands. In the photo to the left, he, poured with green antiseptic after the attack, stands next to another Brotherhood activist – Oleksiy Serdyuk and unidentified person with a braid.

Serdyuk served as the commander of the special battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Holy Mary”. This division was created on the volunteer basis in 2014 by Korchynskyi, but was disembodied as leadership of the National Police did not want to send its soldiers to ATO zone.

Currently, Serdyuk is a member of the All-Ukrainian Union of ATO Veterans – public organization created in 2015 by Ilya Kiva.

Korchynskiy warmly responds about Kiva, they have friendly relations and even travel together. Kiva, in his turn, in one of the interviews said that he is ready to slit somebody’s throats for Korchynskiy and Avakov.

On July 17, the police arrested only two out of several dozen provocateurs who attacked Shabunin and disrupted public activists’ action, but did not revealed their last names.

On the same day, both of them were released by receiving administrative protocols for petty hooliganism, although the Head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center received chemical burn of both eyes as result of their actions.

This is not surprising, since information about three more people from the provocateurs’ group can be found on the official site of the Police Guards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Probably they are working in paramilitary security department Security of Life.

The official status of this group is the department of paramilitary security of life of the Police Guards Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

You can easily find paramilitary security work vacancies on the Internet. Requirements for candidates: age up to 45, good physical form and obligatory participation in ATO. They provide official employment and salary about 8.500 hryvnias.

Ilya Kiva informally leads the project Security of Life. For example, in April 2018, together with Trukhanov he presented the founding of the paramilitary security unit in Odesa.

Earlier, in 2017, Kiva presented the same unit in Bucha, Kyiv region.

Then he said that the project was created under the patronage of the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and he “directly cooperates with the National Police”. According to Kiva, members of the paramilitary security are officially employed and receive salaries, and the project at the beginning is funded by ‘investors’, but should be funded by local budgets soon.

Last year the department of paramilitary security concluded 6 contracts for security services totaling more than 600,000 UAH. This money is from city budgets of Vyshgorod and Brovary.

It is interesting that few months before the creation of the state organization there was created the LLC with the same name Security of Life, whose founder was Kostyantyn Fischer.

Another participant in provocations in front of the SAPO is Ruslan Kachmala. He was holding Shabunin’s attackers and protected the detainees in front of the police.

Kachmala is the founder and head of the charity foundation Odin, as well as the co-founder of the public organization with the same name. Odin battalion fighters, Kachmala is called the leader of which by the media, were arrested in 2015 for illegal storage of weapons in Mariupol.

At the time, Kachmala was kicked out from the Right Sector and the Azov. According to the Right Sector statement, he was kicked out because he “had close relations to the criminal world and simultaneously surrounded himself with ties at the Ministry of Internal Affairs”.

He also has relations with the paramilitary department Security of Life. He tells it to journalists himself.

Ruslan Kachmala is also captured on the photo posted on Facebook page Security of Life.

Facebook users helped to identify several attackers. Thus, among the provocateurs, Denys Shubin (according to other sources – Shestakov) has been identified, – the Nazi from the Azov battalion, who at one time became known in Polish media because of the bending scandal.

Another young man who was throwing cakes near SAPO building might be Vadym Mikov with a nickname Mult.

In addition to direct participants of the action, activists also captured possible supervisors of the provocation – Mykola Kokhanivskyi and Ruslan Zhurylo. Both were drinking coffee near the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

In the photo Ruslan Zhurylo, the head of United Mining and Chemical Corporation PJSC, one of NABU suspects regarding the case of ex-MP Mykola Martynenko (Narodnyi Front). He was arrested by NABU last year and was bailed for 12 million UAH paid by another MP Mykola Knyazhytsky (Narodnyi Front).

Zhurylo is considered to be the manager of ex-MP Mykola Martynenko and is suspected of causing damage to the state amounting of 300 million UAH.

Mykola Kokhanivskyi is the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists volunteer battalion, who came to the court hearing where preventive measures for Ruslan Zhurylo were decided and Kokhanivskyi was defending the latter.

The Anti-Corruption Action Center publicly asked its Facebook followers for assistance in identifying criminal thugs “titushki” and paid “activists”, since each of them has connection with organizers and charterers of the campaign to discredit NABU and rescue SAPO head, Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi.

Anti-Corruption Center’s team

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