International organizations saved Ukraine 620 million UAH during procurement of medicines in 2015 – Analytical Report of AntAC

During public procurements international organizations saved Ukraine 620 million UAH in comparison with prices of 2014.

This is about 40% of all funds transferred to international organizations, UNDP, UNICEF, and Crown Agents, who carried out pilot projects on medicine procurement in 2015 for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In addition to significant savings in the procurement performed by international organizations, this reform has also managed to attract a significant number of producers to tenders (67.5%), and increase competition in the market. In particular, 6 of 8 vaccines purchased by UNICEF have not been previously registered in Ukraine.

Detailed analysis of the first year of procurement of medicines through international organizations and recommendations to improve the procurement process in the coming years can be found in the analytical report of the Antic-corruption Action Centre: “Public Procurement of Medicines in 2015 – Emerging from the Corruption Coma”.

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