International donors presented joint vision of the Anticorruption Court for Ukraine

On June 16th experts of international donors presented joint vision of creation of the anticorrupton court for Ukraine.

The vision was developed by the informal working group and offered for consideration to the Council on Judicial Reform under the President of Ukraine as well as to the VR Committee on Judiciary and the Committee on Combating Corruption.

In the vision representatives of international donors offered Ukraine to implement the following steps to ensure independence and efficiency of judiciary:

  • additional measures for trustworthy selection of anticorruption judges – selection through special panel with majority of members being recommended by international donors, who provide assistance to Ukraine in the field of anticorruption;

  • exclusive jurisdiction of the High Anticorruption Court over cases investigated by National Anticorruption Bureau;

  • creation of the High Anticorruption Court as first instance court and special appeal chamber within the same court to serve as second instance. The appeal chamber must be located in the separate building;

  • opportunity for wide circle of judges, lawyers and scientists to compete for positions of anticorruption judges.

Authors of the concept confirmed readiness to provide necessary assistance for Ukrainian stakeholders for development of draft law based on respective concept.

MPs who registered the draft law #6011 on anticorruption court reinstated their rediness to amend the draft law according to recommendations of the international community or to repeal the draft should the President accept the concept for his own draft law.

For more details on common vision on anticorruption court offered by the international community please see the article from Eka Tkeshelashvili, the Head of the Anticorruption Initiative of the EU in Ukraine.

Editors Notes:

As of now, there are two draft laws on anticorruption judicial institutions registered in the Parliament.

Draft law #6011 by MPs E. Sobolev, O.Syroid, S. Leshchenko, S. Zalischyk and I. Krylko, offering to create High Anticorruption Court and to select anticorruption judges through special selection panel with experts nominated by international partners of Ukraine. Draft law #6529 by MP S.Alekseev (Petro Poroshenko’s Block), offering to abolish provisions on creation of High Anticorruption Court and instead to introduce anticorruption specialization of existing judges in unreformed local courts.

Read the detailed comparative analysis of these draft laws.

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