FOR MEDIA – Draft Law #6220 is the gallows for NABU investigations

On 16 May 2017, at 10 am in front of the Parliament activists will build “The Gallows No. 6220” for NABU, which symbolise the new attempts of MPs to kill independent investigations conducted by recently-created anti-corruption authority.

The activists dressed up as hangmen and wearing the masks of the leaders of the parliamentary factions will set up the real gallows in front of the Parliament where they will symbolically execute the NABU. This way the activists will show the consequences of the adoption of Draft Law No 6220 which is aimed to destroy the NABU.

After a public “execution” of the Bureau, there will be a briefing held a briefing by the MPs, the activists of the Anti-corruption Action Centre, Automaidan, the Reanimation Package of Reforms, Transparency International Ukraine, and the Council of Public Control of NABU.

The Draft Law No 6220, supported by the coalition, provides that the NABU detectives can not investigate corruption offences under its jurisdiction if earlier any other law enforcement agency has closed the investigation. In case the PGO or National Police dumps the investigations that threaten corrupt senior officials or their associates, the NABU detectives will be forced to close their investigations against these persons.

In fact, the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, proposed by the MPs from all parliamentary factions, destroy the independent investigatory power of the NABU and put the later under the control of the Prosecutor General, security service and judiciary controlled by the President.

Yesterday at the press conference Poroshenko said that he would veto the Draft Law if the majority in Parliament supports it. The Anti-Corruption Bureau also urged MPs not to vote for No 6220.

On Wednesday, 17 May, the Committee on Law Enforcement Activities will consider the amendments before the second reading. The vote on the Draft Law, which has successfully passed the first reading in April, is scheduled for Thursday, 18 May.

Please visit for more information about the dangerous Draft Law and the risks it creates.


Press Service of AntAC: Oleksandra Ustinova, 067 550 15 70,  Tata Peklun, 067 622 71 12.

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