Final Declaration of the Organization Committee of the Action “The Big Political Reform”

The concrete measures have been taken concerning just one of our three key demands – the immunity of the MPs.

Draft bills on immunity have been submitted to the Constitutional Court. In a month or two, at most, it must return to the Parliament and be passed during the next parliamentary session. As for the new election laws, we were able to make the parliament come close to hearing them for the first time in three years. We have to demand results in two weeks.

We absolutely insist on passing the new election law during the current parliamentary session.

As for the third part of our demands, it has failed completely. The President refused to submit the law on the Anti-corruption Court to the parliament. Our Head of state turned out to be the only politician who, in addition to ignoring our action, completely neglected its demands.

We demand that the President immediately submit the draft bill on establishment of the Anti-corruption Court in accordance with the Venice Commission recommendations based on the bill draft No. 6011.

We must keep fighting for our demands.

The New Forces Movement of Mikheil Saakashvili made the decision to stay at tent city alongside the people to continue the peaceful protest action.

All other participants of the protest continue pressing for our demands to be fulfilled employing their own methods.

All our accomplishments were made possible only due to the support of people who came out for the protest action.

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