Explosive device near the apartment of Vitaly Shabunin’s mother: AntAC considers probable assassination attempt

Yesterday, on December 30, an improvised explosive device was found near the apartment of the mother of Vitaliy Shabunin, head of the board of the AntAC. Police offered an official statement. Currently, the AntAC considers the incident as an assassination attempt, a more accurate legal qualification will be provided after the forensic examination is performed and confirmation that the device really carries an explosive.

“Obviously, this is sort of “sending a greeting” to me, and not to a 69-year-old woman has almost lost eyesight. The law enforcement system is no longer able to provide justice, but the basic security of its citizens. Whoever is behind this, they are convinced of their own impunity. This confidence is guaranteed by the inability / corruption / treason of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General, the head of the Security Service, and the judiciary, ” Vitaliy Shabunin commented on the incident.

He reminds that together these bodies failed to punish any person who ordered the attacks on activists.

“It doesn’t matter who organized it: the oligarchs, the corrupt officials or the Russian agents. They were allowed to do so by the inability of state institutions to properly respond to the hundreds of previous attacks, ”said the head of the board of the AntAC.

The AntAC emphasizes that such events are regular throughout Ukraine, and therefore confirm to the corruption and degradation of the country’s law enforcement, judicial and security authorities. Instead, they are unable to respond adequately and protect citizens, or are generally concerned with covering up handlers who may be involved in crimes.

In the future, the AntAC expects further information on the investigation process from the police. We will inform you about the details through our communication channels.

We would like to remind, that in July 2020 the house of Vitaly Shabunin was arsoned. The AntAC considers these events an attack and encroachment upon the life of Vitaliy and his family because of professional anti-corruption activities of Vitaliy and the AntAC.

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