Discussion “Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030” will take place in Kyiv

Discussion  “Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030” will take place on February, 9, at 4 pm (Kyiv time ). The event is organized with the support of a Chair of the Ukrainian Delegation to PA NATO. Link for registration

2021 sees Ukraine’s 30th anniversary of its renewed Independence as well as a change of presidency in the USA. Renaissance of TransAtlantic Relations is needed to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges which requires strengthening NATO as a powerful military, political and global Alliance. 

It is an opportune moment to reassess the strategic importance of Ukraine in the post Soviet space but also in a global geopolitical context. A successful Ukraine would also demonstrate to Russian citizens that democratic changes work, that they benefit the country’s population and that Russian citizens can also opt for a democratic instead of an authoritarian future. Ukraine chose to move away from its Soviet past and the Russian sphere of influence to take its place in Europe and join the Euro-Atlantic community.

On February, 7 of 2019 Ukrainian Parliament incorporated into the Constitution the foreign policy priority and strategic goal of Ukraine – to become a member of the EU and NATO. Ukraine clearly chose to move away from its Soviet past and the Russian sphere of influence and to take its place in Europe and join the Euro-Atlantic community. With its abundant resources and significant potential, Ukraine can become a successful country, leading other countries of the region by its example.  

“Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030” will start on February, 9 at 16.00 (UA). Keynote Speaker Gerry Connolly, President of NATO PA, will address the issues of Ukraine-NATO 2030 agenda: common security challenges and mutual reinforcements.


  • Gerry Connolly, President of NATO PA 
  •  Yegor Chernev, Head of Ukrainian Parliamentary Delegation to NATO PA 
  • Rasa Jukneviciene, Member of European Parliament, President of NATO PA (2018), Former Minister of Defense of Lithuania 
  • Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer, Member of French Delegation to Parliamentary Assembly of NATO
  • Oksana Yurynets, Professor at Lviv Polytechnic University, Head of Ukrainian Delegation to NATO PA ( 2018-2019) 
  • Moderator – Hanna Hopko, Chairwoman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019

Issues to be discussed during the event:

  • What is next after the EoP? How does Ukraine using the EOP status? 
  • 30 years of Ukraine’s renewed Independence and NATO
  • Ukraine-NATO 2030 agenda: common security challenges and mutual reinforcements
  • Role of Ukraine in EuroAtlantic security: from USSR collapse to Putin’s hybrid warfare
  • How could the MAP perspective accelerate the process of security and defence reform? What areas need to be focused on to improve interoperability and embed reform on a practical level?
  • What are the key priorities now for the Ukrainian government to bring Ukraine in line with NATO standards?
  • Building Transparency and Accountability in Ukraine’s Defence and Security Sector: Achievements and Challenges

The panel Way forward with the SBU reformwhich will be held in the course of the online-offline event “Ukraine – NATO: vision-2030” will take place on February, 9, at 5:00-6:00 pm (Kyiv time).

On January 28, 2021, Ukrainian Parliament did an important step towards making this goal come true, specifically started a reform of the country’s counterintelligence service, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The Rada has adopted the draft law on the SBU, but it needs amending before the second reading to ensure it fully corresponds with best Euroatlantic standards.

Speakers : 

  • Mariana Bezugla, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, head of the working group on the SBU draft law;
  • Alexander Vinnikov, Head of the NATO Liason Office to Ukraine;
  • Antti Juhani Hartikainen, Head of Mission for the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine;
  • Vitaliy Shabunin, Head of Board at the Anti-corruption Action Center. 

The panel “Way forward with the SBU reform” will be dedicated to the achievements and challenges of building transparency and accountability in Ukraine’s defence and security sector. What are the key issues which need to be addressed? How to ensure the SBU is focused exclusively on its core activities? How to depoliticise the service? What needs to be done to build transparency and accountability in Ukraine’s security sector?

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