Close relatives of the Mr Hrytsak bought 4 apartments soon after his appointment as the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine – NASHI GROSHI

Daughter-in-law of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) and her parents owe seven apartments. According to the information from the Real Estate Register four out of them were bought on one day, December 18, 2015, – less than half year after Mr. Hrytsak was appointed the Head of the SSU.

Ihor Drachuk and Lyudmyla Drachuk are parents of Anna Hrytsak (right on the photo), who is married to Oleh Hrytsak (left on the photo), the son of the Head of the SSU Mr. Vasyl Hrytsak. Since September 2016 Oleg Hrytsak has been working as the Head of the Unit of Compliance Surveillance over the SSU and the State Border Service of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

On December 18, 2015 the father of Hrytsak’s daughter-in-law, Ihor Drachuk, registered officially ownership of the 73 square meters apartment in the Residential Complex “Green Island-2”. On the same day his wife Lyudmyla Drachuk registered ownership of three apartments (72 sq. m., 48 sq. m. and 45 sq. m.) at once in the same condominium.

The apartments in the Residential Complex “Green Island-2” without any interior finishing are sold for 29,000 UAH per square meter. Hence these four apartments of the Drachuk couple could cost starting from 262,000 USD.

Since November 2013 Ihor Drachuk owns the 80 sq. m. apartment in Residential Complex “Green Island” situated at 1 Sikorskogo str. Now such furnished apartment costs around 139,000 USD.

The daughter of the Drachuk couple and the daughter-in-law of the Head of the SSU Anna Hrytsak owns two apartments. The first 84 sq. m. apartment is situated in the capital’s city center area Pechersk in the Residential Complex “Prestige Hall”. Anna Hrytsak owns the apartment on the basis of the contract of exchange in January 2014. Now such apartments with a custom design are sold for 3,000 USD per square meter.

Since November 2013 Anna Hrytsak owns also a 50 sq. m. apartment near Kyiv in Chaika village in the Residential Complex “Chaika” situated at 17 Lobanovskogo St. Real estate in this residential complex now is sold for 1,000 USD per square meter.

Ihor Drachuk is registered as an owner of three cars, among which there is a Mercedes-Benz ML 250 CDI of 2013 year of release, bought in January 2015. As of now such a car is sold for 42,000 USD.

Since 2003 Lyudmyla Drachuk is registered as a individual entrepreneur, who provides the services of consultations on commercial activity. Ihor Drachuk owns an advertising agency “Rim”, specialised on registration of placement permits for kiosks and outdoor advertisements, production of cadasters and topographic planes, etc. According to the information of the “YouControl”, in 2012 the agency was lossmaking, but in 2015 received profit of up to 10,000 UAH.  

The advertising agency “Rim” was indicated as a workplace of the SSU Head’s daughter-in-law  Anna Hrytsak. In 2016 she earned 587 UAH, and received 19,000 UAH in the form of social financial assistance.

The SSU Head’s son in 2016 earned 157,000 UAH at the prosecutor’s office. He had 8,500 USD in cash, and 5,000 USD in cash declared his wife.

In 2008-2016 Anna Hrytsak was registered as an individual entrepreneur with the primary activity “advertising agencies”, but in 2016 she terminated the entrepreneurship.

Anna’s father Ihor Drachuk also registered as an individual entrepreneur in 2006 with the primary activity “purchase and sale of real estate objects”. Ihor Drachuk terminated the entrepreneurship in December 2016.

Last year the SSU decided that declarations of their employees should not be published at the NACP’s website, and therefore actual information about their income and property is kept secret.

Anticorruption Action Centre filed a lawsuit against the Security Service of Ukraine for hiding the declarations of the SSU employees.

First published by Nashi Grosi on 1 August, 2017

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