Case Against the AntAC Is Being Conducted By The Department of Fiscal Officer Affiliated With AntAC Accusers – NASHI GROSHI

The head of the Department for Financial Investigations of the Directorate General of the State Fiscal Service in the city of Kyiv Serhiy Solodchenko, according to “Nashi Groshi’, worked in the charity foundation “Dobrobut” in Luhansk region.

The co-founder of this foundation is still Hryhoriy Pryheba – voluntary assistant to the head of the Radical party Oleh Lyashko. It is Pryheba who Vsevolod Filimonenko – the author of discrediting films about the AntAC and the assistant to another member of the Radical party Serhiy Melnychuk – worked with.

In June 2017 it was the department of Solodchenko that initiated a criminal case against the Anti-Corruption Action Center.

Deutsche Welle informed, that the reason to initiate the case was a complaint of director of a civil organization «National Interest of Ukraine» Vasyl Apasov on possible violations by the AntAC of requirements of legislation regulating activity of non-profit organizations.

This complaint was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office by the MP Pavlo Pynzenyk who is a former assistant to Mykola Martynenko. Solodchenko has held leadership positions of different levels in the tax service of Luhansk region since 2007. He should have been lustrated and the State Fiscal Service even proved this in the appellate court. However, Solodchenko filed a cassation appeal that has been pending without consideration in the Supreme Administrative Court for nine months.

Extracts from the State Register of Property Rights on Real Estate and the State Register of Legal Entities show that the family of Serhiy Solodchenko’s brother – Maksym – owns the agency «Wedding Empire», dealing with organization of weddings in Ukraine and abroad «in the most picturesque places of the world». In June 2017 someone presented Maksym Solodchenko 43 sq. meters on 29 Evgen Konovalets st. (former Schorsa) in Pechersk district of the capital of Ukraine where this wedding agency is situated.

As «Nashi Groshi.TV» informed before, Serhiy Solodchenko owns a 386 sq. meters house in Petropavlivka-Borschagivka in the suburbs of the capital that together with two 1600 sq.meters land plots were received by him as a gift. His wife was presented with Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 3.2 manufactured in 2012 worth of 24,000-29,000 USD even though in his declaration Solodchenko indicated a much lesser price – 149,000 UAH.

In 2016 Serhiy Solodchenko and his deputy Maksym Bespalov registered together a trademark for goods and services «Simul». And their wives Maryna Bespalova and Maryna Solodchenko in March 2017 jointly bought a non-residential space with 44 sq. meters in the newly constructed building on 3 Kopernyka st. in Kyiv. This can be seen from the extract from the State Register of Property Rights on Real Estate.

According to findings of «Nashi Groshi», in March 2015 mother-in-law of Maksym Bespalov Iryna Dubko lent 120,000 USD to the wife of Bespalov and accordingly her daughter Maryna Bespalova. This can be seen from the declaration of Maksym Bespalov.

It was already in November 2016 when Maryna Bespalova became the owner of the 105 sq.meters apartment on 51b Melnykova st. in Residential complex «Lukyanivskiy» in Kyiv and the non-residential space on Kopernyka st. Neither Iryna Dubko nor Bespalov’s father-in-law Serhiy Dubko have businesses.

Maksym Bespalov declared 110,600 UAH of income and 16,700 UAH of material assistance for 2016. Maryna Bespalova indicated the Charity Foundation of Rynat Akhmetov «Development of Ukraine» as a place of work. Annual salary of Bespalov’s wife amounted to 113,100 UAH, material assistance – 9,800 UAH.

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