Avakov’s company does not pay a loan for luxurious villa

The Italian company of the former Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov does not pay the loan of 3.2 million euros in Italy. The AntAC learned about this from an audit report from the Italian Company Register.

In February 2018, journalists of Nashi Groshi published the news that the Italian company of Avakov Avitalia, became the owner of a house of more than 500 square meters. The former minister then explained: “This is one of the tourist business projects that my wife is working as part of her work in an Italian company. This will be a mini-hotel, purchased a loan and with the participation of capital of the company Avitalia.

According to the audit report for 2020, the value of this house with land is 3.5 million euros.

According to the audit report one company, which later has been merged with Avakov’s company, received a loan of 3.2 million EUR for 10 years to purchase the property.

Under the terms of the loan, its repayment was to begin on June 30, 2018 and every 6 months Avakov’s company would have to make certain payments. However, according to the company’s financial statements, as of December 31, 2020, no payments were made.

From the company’s financial statements it is unknown who has been a generous undemanding creditor of Avakov’s Italian companies. At the same time, the fact of non-repayment of such a loan may indicate that the Minister has received an illegal benefit. For example, in the form of a loan received by the company, he beneficially owned.

We would like to remind that following the appeal of the AntAC, the NABU carried out criminal proceedings concerning possible false statements in asset declarations of Arsen Avakov. However, following the decision of the Constitutional Court on the abolishment of the criminal liability for providing false information in the declaration of officials and illicit enrichment, the NABU was forced to close this criminal case.

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